Writings to 1’s & 0’s

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  1. [Alt. Title — Writings to the Binary]

    If you want, I can write you a mini piece. Or a long piece. I like writing. Adore it even. 😌

    So, this is where I’ll write just because I want to. Just because I can.

    If you want a piece written to you, just wall me. 💻
  2. @Redeemed2


    When he made us, like the others, he put you first. So my being would have something to aspire to, to carry.

    So I carry your smile. I’m fond of it.

    Fondness rings true like the crisp toll of a bell.

    You’re crisp. Fresh.


    I’ve gleaned something from you.

    Now it’s just us.

    Just us two.
  3. @Cairo101


    Billions of grains of sand litter the shores of landlocked giants.

    Imperial powers far beyond our reach.

    But in the oasis is where I find you. I’m delighted.

    In our oasis sand isn’t insignificant, now it glitters like carefully blown glass woven by the hands of Gaia herself.

    You’ve are my blessing.
  4. @bigfootisreal


    you’re heavy.

    a sweet weight pressing against the corners of my mind.

    you’re predictable.

    dependable, I recognize her etchings in your skin. just like all the others relinquished to her inescapable grip.


    she’s wrought you from lush forests made from God’s Grace and and stained your skin with the hiss of her own desires.

    And you’re polished. A sturdy fixture in which support is heaved upon.

    keep walking through those acres. you’ll come upon another like you, fallen to her whims.
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  5. @rikxo

    pick up

    clink. clink.

    two cents extra wisdom, and a dime of pertinent advice.

    you’re invaluable. i couldn’t put an amount to you even if I tried.

    hold your head high, and bite your quarters with a firm jaw.

    silver is only as good as the gold it sits beside.

    it’s pouring out, a trove of gold, stuck to your spirit like dew sticks to grass… as sweat sticks to skin.

    To continue your call, please add .50¢

  6. @VeronicaBilsbury

    **spicy (per her wishes, and deny a lady I shall not (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)


    Give me another moment. To pull you close and set you right…

    Sweet and supple under my fingers and sinful to my ears, my name has never looked so good— sounded so unsteady.

    Your mouth makes it pretty.

    Round and broken, trembling even…

    I could break you. I should.

    But I’ll only use my hands this time.

    Just this time.

    I crave the jilted consonants on your tongue, the way your lips part, expelling little puffs nothing.


    I’ve brought you this far. And I’ll bring you back again, keeping you beneath my thumb, ground into my palm.

    I’m not usually this rough. You’ve just got me in this deep rut.
  7. @-FAM-_TheAbscondingDevil_-FAM-


    limber. lithe. you’ve always moved that way, an inky blue curling around your shadow and swallowing me with it.

    forgive me. but you look off. it’s not unflattering though. it’s just wildly unfamiliar to me.

    but I look again. and i see whose been accompanying you. clinging to the lapel of your jacket, the eye of him.

    struck into your brow and reaching toward barred heavens, the horn of a fallen.

    deals with— the devil was it?
  8. @CrackersTheGoldFish


    brittle and buttery. but I know you like that.

    i bought these for you. just like I bought the palm tree and the small castle you stare it.

    but you’re so cute, so I don’t mind. I’ll keep you safe. you swim so neat. circles and arcs, figure eights and sharp turns.

    my finger taps the rim of the bowl gently.


  9. @Shaitan


    drum up your breath and open the door. go on. do look back now. they’ve locked it. quite secure too. your knuckles have gone white and your fingers sore.


    step. step.

    keep pushing. mark the earth beneath your feet, and enter the halls and stain the floors with mud. they’ll clean it later anyway. make your mistakes. we all will.

    But for now, collect yourself and get ready to bring the world to its feet. grab the mountains by their peaks and break them until they crumble into rubble.

    mold your experiences into assets. you’re a king in the making.
  10. @-PumpkinPie-


    unearthed today, some eons ago. we were given the gift of a premonition. you. my blessed heart. so full of light.

    I only saw your eyes. Kissed with Times honest efforts to preserve her beauty.

    my standalone muse, the fire behind my pen, lift your head. i wish to see that again.

    Your eyes rivaling the sun.

    Seeking out to leave only my smoldering ashes remaining.
  11. @Lady-Liberty


    Look to me. And then look father out. Past your limitations, the funny things they are. Marring the landscape of your dreams with callous barbs sharpened with the whispers of your own mind.

    Run out there. Bare foot. Feel the stab, the split of skin, only to realize you’ve imagined it. That you’ve kept yourself back. Falsely denying yourself every right to conquer.

    be there. be present.

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  12. @justvibin


    make due with the emptiness and pour in your soul.

    wait on no one, split the skin on your palms and get dirt beneath your nails.

    with every intention you posses, set the space ablaze, keep it rife with life.

    even when the wick of your candle is singed and charred, warm the wax and pour it again.

    color suits you. and so does this empty space.
  13. @-Cloudy

    rains from the east

    Give it two seconds and you’ll see it, the curtain of silver shells tearing through the sky and tearing into the pavement.

    Today it’s warm. The air is humid and the pressure is stiff. A catharsis. A storm.

    My nerves have eaten an ulcer into my eyes and I’ve been blinded, weeping into nothing.

    But that’s why it rains from the east, cause I’ve always turned my back to you.

    I found you unworthy of witnessing my lows, so as the sun rises faithfully in the east, so shall my tears fall.
  14. @bluecrayon


    Given I could chose. I’d pick you.

    My hands haven’t worked this fast before. Punching and scraping.

    Nail beds blue and my fingertips raw.

    I never knew being locked outside the show of your life would feel so empty.


    And it seems I’m the only one denied entry. Possibly… just maybe. If I wait longer. I can shake the chill.

    I can escape the blue.
  15. The song I was listening to when I got this:
    Estrangers — No Vacation

    I’m stuck. Fancy that.
    I can’t get past this chord.
    Haven’t been able to see myself through the door.
    I can’t visualize this world. Not when I’m stuck.
    When I’m stuck strumming this f♡cking chord.
    The one you sound like. Where it’s light, but it’s sturdy. Where it’s sweet, but sort of sour when you hear that one song you hate.
    Where it’s you.
    Fancy that. I’ve strung the next note along. But they’re nothing like you.

    It’s nothing like our song. But I’ll play it with every part of me that loved you.

    Cause I know you’re listening like I should’ve listened to you. And that’s what got me stuck.
  16. @MayaTheHopeful


    on the cusp of night, at its strongest
    the singed heat of sun draws nigh

    turn your face to me and see the sights beheld to only to you, the waning breath of desires gone cold— the frosting of life’s temptations gone white.

    within its place is our home. together. one note. one shade. on this eve I know tomorrow brings unity. Unity wed with grace.

    Mercy from the hem of Divinity herself.

    the honor to hold you.
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  17. @DwyaneWade


    Have you no use, have I no will?
    Where will we go when the road runs ragged and the trees grow thin?
    When the air grows stiff and the heat sets in?
    On our backs.
    Under The Star. Until we waste away. Giving nothing but the chafing of our brow against the earth.
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