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  1. Took me 10 mins to figure out how to create a thread. Big wow.

    also is it just me or there are no more fun threads?
  2. Winter!

    Good to see you again. Also your right, all the fun threads are gone
  3. Hai Winter. And yes, forums is boring.
  4. It's a new decade, I'm trying to be more active. I miss the old times.

    Hi qt
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  5. Lovely to see you around!

    I feel like a lot of people don’t come to forums as much :(
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  6. Hi Winter!

    Forums is currently experiencing a slow and boring death
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  7. Wrong timing for a comeback, I see.

    O look who it is. Yeah but glad yall are still here.
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  8. How did you create a thread?🤔
  9. Coz no one will make games any more so nothing to do it's why
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  10. I mean we could try to revive it?
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  11. I'd be glad to try
  12. It's over, Maddi 😾 stahp tryna revive this dead relationship. We need to move on and see other people
  13. Sounds like the fate of pimd in the foreseeable future
  14. Game has more players than ever before. Why do you say that?
  15. It's a baseless prediction. Just a hunch