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  1. You was close as fuck tho tbh its weird how close you was 😂
  3. 2 hours 15 mins
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  4. 2 hours 30 mins
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  5. Ive done a good chunk of what needs done now
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  6. 2 hours and 45 minutes
  7. 4 hours 3 mins 35 seconds...

    Get a fucking cleaner. Life's TOO short!
  8. Im not that rich
  9. Finished couple days ago but didnt have time to count till now.

    Final time is
    1hr 55mins 18 seconds

    Also relized now i probly counted the last 1 wrong coz just remembered time only counts to 60 😂😂😶 but o well to late for that 1 now
  10. You win
  11. Round 3
    Its time for another round of i need to get shit done but need the motivation to keep me doing it 😂

    Keep in mind for this 1....i need to do all this stuff but don't know if can do it all or not. The pain in my ribs atm is at a level i can deal with but idk how much doing this shit will fuck with them. So ima list all the stuff i need to do but calling it time as well if im forced to stop before eveththing is done coz my ribs.

    I need to:

    • Put extra blankets away
    • Pick up any rubbish
    • Put out recycling
    • Lux house
    • Clean bathroom
    • Throw late plants
    • Repot 1
    • Weed garden
    Guess how long it takes for me to get this done and you could win a chibi! You can guess more then once.

    Person who guesses right or gets the closest time wins. If theres a tie then will both get a chibi each.
  12. 3 hours
  13. 3 hours, 38 minutes
  14. Having a break but have alot done. My ribs arnt fuckng out much so will get it all done today
  15. 5 hours
  16. 34 hours 😂
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