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  1. I need to tidy the house and making things a game makes me more motivated to actul do it 😂

    I need to:
    • Pick up the rubbish
    • Put out the recycling
    • Do the dishes
    • Lux the floors
    • Do the bathroom
    Guess how long it takes me to do it all. 2 story house but rooms are small guess.

    Person that gueses the closest time wins a chibi
  2. 3 and a half hours.
  3. Three hours
  4. 2 hours and 8 minutes
  5. 4.5 hours
  6. Oh fuck opps. I got distracted n forgot i even posted this 😂 havnt done shit yet
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  7. bruh
  8. 5 hours
  9. thats some intense cleaning 🌚
  10. I mean he did spend the first like 4 hours doing nothing.
  11. yus exactly
    i am factoring in procrastination 🙂

    (honestly if it were me, it'd probably take like 3 days including procrastination time)
  12. o. i lost then 😔
  13. rip your chibi
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  14. 2 days
  15. 🌝a whole day
  16. I will only count how long it takes to actul do it not how long it takes before i actul start doing it 😂

    I have done the rubbish, most of the recycling, the luxing and the bathroom. All in 1hr 12mins

    Just the rest of the recycling to do and the dishes.
    Yous can guess more. Not doing the rest till tomorrow. Will add the times together
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  17. 2 hours 25 min