Why is there no 10 spin option?

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  1. After not using any of my tokens this month, I’ve got a few thousand....if I ever intend on using them it’s gonna be quite burdensome to have to wait per every spin to go to completion..why not have a 10 spin option?

    Especially for token hoarders
  2. Actually, I support this.
  3. Barely on topic but just a few more days til we find out if they fix the spinner avatars.
  4. I think a better idea would be a remove animation option but that is literally the only animation ig. It is time consuming, yes. But we're here because we have nothing better do with the time.

    No support.
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  5. That was a bit too real ouch😂
  6. I’m just a noob. I have a lot of suggestions, yes we’re all on a game to waste our time but there’s no reason I need to wait for 40 spins to be completed.. 🌚
  7. Why have to click the same button 10 times though....? you’d just get a pool of your rewards rather than wait for 1. If you go 1 at a time no option for 10 spins at a time. Removing the animation would in the end have the same effect. But yes that’s another good idea.
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  8. Support. Actually its shittier for ios users-- after spinning and collecting the prize, it returns you to the home screen and then you have to open the spinner again to spin.
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  9. Support!
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  10. I glitch it so it's not as bad. hit spin, hit home, open game again and the spin completes. It's a little faster then waiting for the animation
  11. Or shake it, click “go home” and go back in. But I prefer the first option since you see what you get without having to go into the notifs tab
  12. I think the shaking is iOS only.
  13. When I open the game back up I still see what it lands on without having to go to the nfs.(on my droid & iPhone) As long as you don't fully close the app then you should as well
  14. I was talking about the shaking part. When I close out and go back in I don’t have to go to notifs to see it.
  15. Ah, I forgot about that.
  16. I remember one person saying they wanted a full unload option so that they could unload quickly when they were doing things like running to catch the train. Ppl be choosing pimd over the important things they need to do
  17. What do you mean shake it
  18. How do you think it is on my iPod 5th gen that I have? I sometimes use that on top of my phone for my alts, but haha the campus chat doesn’t even work on that. The spins go ridiculously slow on it cause it’s so old
  19. 🌚
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  20. [​IMG]
    When iOS users shake their phone hard enough this window (^) pops up & gives us the option to go home. It takes a few tries to get it to pop up sometimes.
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