Why do people hate Nickelback?

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  1. I don't get why people hate Nickelback, Like I don't see what's wrong with them (._.)

    Someone answer please?
  2. Because of the dill hole front man and the fact they s are a bad ripoff of pearl Jam
  3. Because they play the same 4 chords in every song. Plus Chad Kroger sucks.

  5. I hate the way their songs sound. It's just not my type of music. I'm sure someone out there LOVES nickleback.
  6. Baaaaae 
  7. Because Dollar bills are better.
  9. They were with a bunch of bands that told us that the 90's, and the great music that came with that decade....was over 
  10. Your mom's so dumb she thought nickelback was a refund
  11. Ive heard it all... from the lead singers voice is too good for the crap he sings about, to all the music sounds the same. Personally, I enjoy listening to them. Some songs im not to fond of, others are with my top 10 favorite songs. Heres what im going to tell you. It doesn't matter if people like them oe not. If you enjoy listening to them, then by all means enjoy it. Everybodys got haters, its unavoidable.. Lets be honest.. When has anyone hated someone who is less than themselves?
  12. I'm not a fan of Nickelback, but I like some of their songs.
  13. I don't "hate" Nickelback, but I think they are too mainstream and their lyrics are lacking.
    Also, a four year old could play every song on guitar with their eyes closed and no prior learning. The actual music is too simple and boring.
  14. Thank you for the life lesson, master.
  15. always willing to help those who are in need. Anything else I could help you with hun?
  16. New subject how bout Bon Jovi yeah?
  17. You could give me some brain man
  18. Bon jovi sucks :lol: