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  1. That noob is your tutor how you not know
  2. This never works there are scammers and people getting harassed all the time and pimd never does anything but they silence u for calling them out why should we trust y’all would help out now...or even care for that matter?
  3. Did you not notice how old this thread is? What you on about 'now'?
  4. Like dude shut up or fuck me
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  5. You say that as you bump a old as fuck thread
  6. Sherrica!!! Post on my wall ... or come into pm 🤨
  7. Excuse you 👁👄👁
  8. Okay but who actually is sherrica?
  9. Some noob that got butthurt from people doing the same things to her....that what she was doing to them
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  10. Whats the forum about anyways?
    Also why is everyone talking about me?
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  11. I have a tingle and it's telling me sherrica probably bumped this with an alt.
  12. The immediacy of her noticing someone was talking about her haha
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  13. surprise its actually my alt i use to rp with
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  14. This all sounds funny but hold on her stats is so low and she's been playing regularly for 4 years like wow
  15. I am her pup. Was a random hire. Shes......interesting.....
  16. I wish 🤣🤣
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  17. Mistakes were made
  18. I am not like that anymore.
    I am not a noob.
  19. I don't know why you hired me , but you never gave me what I wanted, you neglected me and never hired me.
    I don't grow much because I dont enjoy partying 24,7.
    I come off 3 to 5 days sometimes because it's gets boring.
    Also upgrading and buying dorm mates are too expensive, the developers should make them cheaper.
    Aquiring money is easy.
  20. Hmmm she sounds like she could be my alt