Who Else Misses The Old Avatar System

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Do you want the old avatar system back?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. I really miss the old avatar system because now it makes it difficult to get the event avatars. I miss having to collect so much to get both the female and male avatars and then having to collect more to get the vip versions. It made it easier for newer players like me to get avatars as well. That and it's hard to get the avatar you want because I keep getting all the males and no females
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  2. Get more active and you will get both male and female. Problem solved
  3. Your in a good club as well. You cant expect to be given everything for 4k-8k drops. Why would ata give a bunch of stuff to someone whos whos berly on their game. Even with the old way when got avis at 6k you still wouldnt get them most the time going by your showcase
  4. I'm not gonna be rude like the others, but it would help tremendously if you were more active. Even my alt (~450kcs) can get to 8k drops in the first five days by mercing lbh. And then I usually quit after that but that's besides the point.

    This game isn't exactly newb friendly but at the same time it can be. You have a well-thought-out tutorial that shows you a lot of the basics to the game, but it's not going to be that easy for you the whole time. In order to grow a large collection of items and avis, you must also grow your stats.

    I always, always, ALWAYS tell new players who beg for avi shards (or anything in general like furni and chibis) that if they're patient, actively partying, and actively upgrading, they can very easily get to a good basis for collecting things. But you are most certainly not going to get everything you want if you don't play often (every other hour or so) or just spend a bunch of money ๐Ÿ˜‚

    And it's okay to merc if you aren't satisfied with your club. Try joining lbh when your energy bar is full. Do jobs when you can't find a good lbh. Spare $7 or so to buy a cat and join a cat club for a bit.

    But you can't exactly complain about the new avi system if you didn't even get avis from the old system...
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  5. I mean. How old we talking?
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  6. The new system is possible. However I do agree that for a set amount of people itโ€™s not probable.

    As games progress though it is common to increase the difficulty of tasks or at least alter them.
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  7. Only a few months. It changed while i was gone. Used to get both male and female from a quest reward at 6k drops. N but now changed to avi box and only 1 at 8k drops. Other 1 at side quest. Vip at 16k drops. Other vip at higher side quest drops idk what never paid attention
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