What's the most annoying thing you're dealing with atm?

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  1. They sell paternity tests at the drug store for like $40, you don't even have to go on Maury anymore!
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  2. I guess last week, it would have been a-hole customers of mine not wearing a mask. But I quit my crappy job, so now my problem is my tonsils. They need to come out, they're swollen, I've had a sore throat since April, and if you've never had a tonsil stone, well don't Google it, they're nasty. The thing is the whole medical system isn't necessarily overwhelmed in my area, but it's definitely lagging on anything not Covid-19 related. It's taken me nearly 6 months to get a referral to an otolaryngologist, so I hope I can get these buggers out before the end of the year when my insurance out of pocket and deductible reset.
  3. Feel free to send it my way
  4. Nah gonna smoke it on the 25th.
  5. Save your money dude. But anyway sucks to have to work that long when the hourly rate is ass
  6. Oh no i enjoy working. I actually changed my profession yet again back in March when all this stupidity began, so that i wouldnt have to struggle from losing job and shit. You gotta keep adapting.

    And i am saving lol. Holding your money in bitcoin/gold is saving. You hold government issued currency you become poorer, at an accelerating rate with all the money being printed globally
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  7. My 25 employees