What's the most annoying thing you're dealing with atm?

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  1. Like what's the single most annoying thing in your day to day life at the moment?

    Like for me, my underwears don't last that long, they get torn apart too fast no matter how expensive they are.
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  2. Being asked how I feel about the government. Public affairs is standing by.
  3. Im keen n super hard worker n ready to go....but no one wanna give me a job 😶
    Tied with the hospital wont send me out a apointment for a scan that i really need on my knees coz im not dying and my legs aint falling off so 'you can wait' >.>
  4. Ur threads
  5. People peopleing.
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  6. Everything and everyone.
  7. I'm doing a metric fuck tonne of yard work at the moment. I removed 1 section of giant root that hosted a network of thorny bushes last year, which I managed to kill, but which continue to make mowing a pain in the ass. I weeded most of our paved areas, have been pruning, digging ditches, filling holes with dirt, and I'm not even 1/5th done with fixing it up.

    And my mum and her partner are pedantic and fussy about the way I do different aspects. I mowed on Saturday and they commented on how you could see streaks, and that I didn't use a catcher (which deprives the soil of nutrients), when there are so many glaring problems with the yard which need addressing sooner.

    They've left me to do most of the work, which is cool because of their age, but they're not paying me and I have my thumb on the pulse of what needs doing and at what rate I can get it done.
    Just tiring.

    Also, I'm trying to be a somewhat minimal person and only have the clothes that I need, but the amount of different kinds of pants I need to buy is bothersome.

    Also politics

    Also my social life has been quiet. Trying to work on that.

    Also I still lack a certain level of productivity that I know I can habituate to. Every time that gets a bit better for me, I thirst for more.

    My advice is to buy the cheapest underpants and food you can. Also the 5 most healthy legumes are Chickpeas/Hummus, Lentils, Green Peas, Red Kidney Beans, and Black beans.
    And the most nutritious meats are the liver and other offal.
    Cook these regularly for good health.
    (Limit liver consumption to once per week.)
  8. I have been working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for the past few months. But that's not the annoying part.

    The annoying part is:- I have been wanting to get high but with the kind of work I am doing I can't afford to do that. So this bag of weed i bought a month and a half ago has been untouched.
  9. impatiently waiting on my check from school ;’(
  10. Stupid noob idiots, I can't go anywhere without encountering them. Ugh
  11. Child support when she know that ugly ass baby ain't mine
  12. Well show her your impotency certificate
  13. Who told you I can't get it up? They're lying. It was cold that night, I swear
  14. Fool
  15. Slow internet and computer issues cause I'm still working from home
  16. If I'm the fool, why are you entertaining it?
  17. Im entertaining myself with the unprecedented level of foolery
  18. No. You're just proving my points. That's all you're doing. You have an awful lot of time to waste on activities that you don't benefit from.
  19. My job lmao. I used to love it and adored going in every day. Sure I complained but it was mostly just for the fun of it and the banter with my coworkers but lately it’s been actual hell. The managers are always taking us away from our main tasks and having us do things that in the end just waste our time and they’re all so condescending and have zero sympathy in the long run and they’re shifting my schedule to exactly what I said I didn’t want and when I talked to them about it they were just like oh well you have to now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ even though that’s the only time I get to spend with my daughter lmao???
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  20. If its not written up in a new contract that you have signed then you don't have to do it. Its not official till its in a signed contract and any changes have to be written up into a new contract and every page signed by you