What kinda stuff do you say when talking to someone

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  1. I cant believe S.S made me like one of Romeo Santos song

    Moving to the convo:
    Tbh if you don't know how to start, try with the Batista, it was a good update and also it can lead to other stuffs. I like to answer than ask questions, as I usually don't know what could be an interesting topic to bond first.
    Maybe if you are both from different coutries it will be good to describe how is your life there, the good things about the place, etc
  2. I never remember how to write that word ik what you meaning tho. I like it to
    Okay autocorrect killing me every time and im too dumb to even check when I write
  4. I still never remember how to write it 😂 but ty. Will use it when i can remember it
  5. lol try it
    Just like the cards, good way to break the ice(also you could bet(?)
  6. How is op supposed to lose his virginity den?
  7. That not gonna tecnicly happen till i get my surgeries done coz im not gay
  8. ask if they have a fat ass
  9. moron.
  10. Why
  11. Social experiment for tomorrow, continuously say "uh huh uh huh uh huh" until the person goes away.
  12. Why
  13. to know if they have a fat ass?? what kinda question is that
  14. If talking irl can see if they do. If talking on here dont even needa know. Im not sextng chicks no more or whatever