What kind of jobs y'all have?

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  1. Job in marketing, previously a student. Maybe 3-4y ago i spent over 10k (on dumb shit not T10s or T100s). Only recently in this hunt spent a bit more but actively spendingloads on pimd.
  2. Money Spent on this game: $0

    Money Spent on Valorant: $20

    Money spent on other games and stuff: <$100

    Job: DevOps Engineer/ Full Stack Engineer ( MERN/MEAN/.NET stack)

    I have spent money on my computers and stuff.
    (I love me some fps and high refresh rate)
    I am 25, I was in college 1st year when I started playing this game.

    I think I quit 2-3 years ago.
    I visit once a while to check on forums and see some funny sh*t.
    Anyways, even if I start earning 500'000 usd one day, I don't think spending money on this game will bea good financial decision. It's just adding more insentive and reason to fuel a time consuming bad habit that'll drive you towards bankruptcy.
    Though if you're really interested in being at the top of this game. I'll give you an advice, save $200 every year and invest it in S & P 500 for next 10 years.
    After 10 years if you spend that money on this game on a black friday, albeit you'll be stupid beyond reason, you'll be at the peak of this game.

    Much love to Hailey, Kefo, Flock, Buch, Vice, Chill, Wesday and Alicia( although these two still probably hate my guts) and a few other nubs.
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  3. Was an esthetician, now I work at a bank. I think in the three years I've played I've spent under $500
  4. This thread was fun
    I work at a pet store atm
    They put way too much faith in me bc week 2 I got keys to the store before I even got my login info and then the other day had me leading 3 newbies like mA’AM I ALSO DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOIN THANKS
    But it’s a fun time. Gotta love that fun stress. 🥴
    I’ve spent a lot in the past but I haven’t really spent anything since bf and lowkey lost interest in being super invested like I used to be. I stay around to unload a few times a day and keep in contact with some people tho. 😚
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  5. It's only about a month's salary, over the course of 5 years.
  6. Fuuuuuuuck what job you got that you get over 1k a week
  7. Jopo works at the Vanilla Unicorn in Los Santos
  8. That looks like a poor as fuck town tho
  9. at the moment I work at a restaurant lol. I make (with tips) an average of about $25-$27/hr and work 50-60hrs/week.
  10. No I left that job a few months ago 😔 surprisingly enough people just didnt want dances from me
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  11. Yehh that would do it. Thats fuckn good pay
  12. It's the city from GTA V and Vanilla Unicorn is the name of the strip club there haha.
  13. How rude. Maybe you can hustle in pub chat. There's quite a bit of competition though!
  14. I googled it and its a place just by the border. Its in mexico a bit south east from LA
  15. Its a real place i googled it. Its a bit south east from LA pritty much right on the border in mexico. N but my google maps was fuckng out was hard to see much of it
  16. I am not talking about the real Los Santos, though. Just the fictional one portrayed in GTA V.
  17. Oh mmk
  18. wouldnt mind buying some ecs from time to time but ata wont unban my main so fuck em they aint getting my money