What kind of jobs y'all have?

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  1. Already sent cv to many companies . Hope they will reply soon.
    Because in my state its till lockedown. Few special trains running. So its also not possible to go another city to find a job. Hotels, malls, etc still closed and not hireing as well.
  2. Gotta have the money to be able to spend it. 5k in 1 year is alot of money to spend on a game
  3. Tbh that means nothing coz you cant make someone hire you. Ive applied for literally over 1000 jobs and have only ever made it to the interview stage once. In the 9 years ive been job searching ive had a total of about 7 months of work max.
  4. 😳do y'all need help with your resumes?
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  5. What does your resume say? Something I didn't know fully grown adults included until I fixed up my friends resume was anything related to high school unless it was really impressive. We're both almost 25 and she put that she got honors marks in her grade 12 food studies class on her resume. That's embarrassing to still be talking about
  6. It got written for me by someone that helps find jobs and she used to be a recruter for a business. I have to have school stuff on there still coz i have fuck all to put on it.

    I think my issue is alot of people know of me. Most the city. And i guess they make assumptions on how i am coz im not great at talking still and i don't take bulshit. In reality im the hardest worker you will ever meet but fuck all people willing to give me a chance. Probly coz i mainly apply for hard labor type jobs (where i work best) and but im still fat so they probly just assume im lazy and wont get the work done.

    I think you were even one of the ones that said it can be hard to talk to me coz of how straight up i am. Something like that. Idk
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  7. I don't consider you "straight up," I consider you rude. When you were pretending to be mentally ill you literally pm-ed me and said "why can't your mom just be alive again." But. That aside. You should try finding more recent things to put on your resume. The reason high school "accomplishments" (unless it's something actually impressive) look unprofessional is because it looks like you, an adult, didn't accomplish anything since you were a teenager. Things like volunteering or small jobs can be good. If you've ever babysat for your cousins or something you can put that and just not mention they were your family. Little things that are actually recent
  8. Where I live, what you put on your resume barely matters. Having a good reference is basically everything.
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  9. Has no one ever told y'all that excuses are like asšholes?
  10. I mean i wasnt pretending. Its taken me fuckn forever just to get to where i am with understanding the world. But like im im sure something on it is better then nothing
  11. I'm a real estate law clerk. Flexible to also do corporate law, family law, and wills & estates. I've played this game for about 6-7 years (my first account I lost💔), and spent around $5,000 over the years. This past year, I spent maybe $200-300 as I have slowly lost interest in the game.
  12. Having strong references and cover letter goes a long way. The cover letter is what most employers tends to look at nowadays.
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  13. oh i got a job job. they pay me good good
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  14. If someone works while living with their parents and doesn’t carry any financial responsibility they would likely have far more than $5,000 to spend on a game in a year if that’s what they chose to spend money on. I agree that’s a lot of money to put towards a game, I’m just saying what someone spends is not a good indication of their financial status, especially if you don’t know them personally.
  15. Someone who works and has no financial responsibility and lives with their parents are just fuckn spoiled kids. Kike fuck if their parents are still paying for their transportation ect even when they working themself then thats just fuckn stupid

  16. Disposable income is bullshit🧘🏼‍♀️wait till ur older and have nothing left.... You'll regret wasting all that money
  17. I'm a branch manager and i think i spent almost $100 here since last year September when i came back in this game.
    But since this year, i didn't spend anything.. i
    told myself that it's not a necessity so i shouldn't waste money.
  18. I don’t think all revenue producing skills fade to zero as you get older er er. Maybe I guess we’ll all find out in time.

    Good Luck Old Folks
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  19. Government official. 0$.
  20. I work at the bank