What kind of jobs y'all have?

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  1. Ok so, we all know some people spend a LOT of $$$ on this game. Like the people who do BBB and on the leaderboards and everything.

    Obviously don't share info you think is too private, but as someone who isn't sure what he wants to be as far as a career goes... what careers/jobs/hobbies y'all got?

    I'm kinda just curious of career options and stuff!

    OPTIONAL: How much money does it make/how much do you spend on this game a month?
  2. I'll go first... I'm a student, but I usually put aside about 10 or 20 bucks for this game a month, i.e. the same I'd spend on fast food.
  3. Sup I'm a mom. I've spent $0 on this game for the last 5 years. I used to spend $20 here and there before that.

    Before my current career as a mom I was a chef. It's a high stress occupation and I wouldn't recommend it unless you live in a big city because the pay is shït compared to the number of hours you have to work.
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  4. I work at a chain department store, been working there for 11 months and got a promotion to supervisor and lead for the shoe department back in late Feb / early March. I'm in my early 20s and the supervisor position is my first full time job.

    I think I've spent maybe $75 this year on PIMD in 2021 so far and I think about $50 of that were monetary gifts that I then spent on PIMD.

    I spend a lot less than I did when I was a noob, and when I do spend on PIMD, I use the ECs / DNs / VIP / etc I purchased more wisely.
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  5. I work in a group home for foster kiddos at the moment. I haven't spent money on this app in years tbh and when i used to, I was making way less money than I am now 😅 I don't believe in paying for games that make you continuously pay rather than a one and done (like a $50 from steam or smthing).
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  6. Was a chef and bartender in a big city on what was considered the "party/bar-hopping" avenue. The pay was still shįt 😭 you need to be in like Vegas or LA to be making anything 💔
  7. im a student and i dont really spend much here on pimd as i dont earn much, i prolly spend about $20 every three months or depending if i like the hunt.

    idk if it’s normal to have a separate card for pimd alone but i was at a cc club once and i remember one of the members there going for t10 had a separate card for pimd expenses alone. and i remember this other member in a ds club i was in, they were talking bout dns and she said she had 1100 or smthng dns (i just remember it was over a thousand) and lmao u only get 132dns for $100. i was so shocked, my poor ass could never 💀
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  8. I've never spent any money on pimd.
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  9. Im gonna be a builder of some kind. Atm im training. I spend nothing on this game i dont see any worth in it
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  10. Right now I just work at a restaurant. In my like, close to 9 years (or more? Idk i havent checked my achievements badges thing) I've been on here I've spent maybe a total of $5k and that was just within like the first 5 years playing this game. I dont think I've spent any $$ in the past few years. Maybe like $100 total in the past 5 years.

  11. Ok so I just checked and I should be getting my 10 year award next month
  12. Rich fuckr
  13. 🎉🎉🎉🎉Happy 10th birthday
  14. Spending a lot of money on a game doesn’t necessarily make someone rich, probably just incredibly irresponsible with money, or lacking any other financial responsibilities.
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  15. Sounds like non revenue producing folks thinking. Disposable income is a blessing.

    occupation: future president of Cuba
    ATA Spending: resolve my tickets ATA : (
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  16. This is very true....
  17. Yup. It's a shït career. Very fun, lots of cursing and partying, but hardly pays the bills.
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  18. Jobless bro covid did a great job 😣
  19. Dude, there's like 5 million places hiring right now
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  20. Wealth ain't what you make, it's what you spend.
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