What bad ass farmers really do.

Discussion in 'Wars' started by PeaceScrub, Mar 19, 2016.

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  1. Interesting well that's good wish someone would have told me before hand ?
  2. ^ LOL bahahahaha
  3. I'm on topic talking about their screenshot totally on topic
  4. Where's Steeler? He finally left?
  5. Someone is new to forums
  6. No way hun what tip u off
  7. Plz tip me off ;)
  8. War hunt suggestion

    I have a suggestion....can we have a hunt where instead of parties in
    clubs, clubs go to war against each other??? The winning club members who
    participated gets some stuffs for winning but overall rewards from you is
    based on the number of wars a club participates in and wins. The rules can
    be everyone has to be a club perm for the hunt, no mercs. If for any reason
    anyone leave the club, the war number the club has will be reduced for
    the club the player left and the one they decide to join. The gifts can be
    war items and if to help clubs catch up, there can be random weekend
    parties just like AIMD.
  9. ^ Wrong thread hunny boo-boo
  10. Re: War hunt suggestion

    Good idea but totally unrelated to the topic
  11. :? From your awards you have been on this game for only a little over 100 days.

    Are you trying to tell me that this is your second account or something? If so, you should know what a Moderator is...
  12. I smell lies but who knows
  13. I do know what a moderator and yes I do sort of have a second account didn't started to play dis game til like 7 months ago den like within a week of playing deleted the game den like 2 months ago started playing again on a different account
  14. Ohk den hun believe what you want ?
  15. :? So no. You haven't had this game for a long time. You've deleted and reinstalled multiple times and have had multiple accounts..
  16. No one is believing you but k
  17. So what your saying is you only have like 60 days of experience?
    You aren't exactly helping your case lol
  19. Such a pro.

    Applause Applause
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.