What’s your toxic trait?

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by shebeenafan, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. Eating all the food by myself.
  2. Same tho
  3. I always go back to those people who hurt me the most.:(
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  4. Also I don't study even though I know that I'll fail if I don't study. lmao, does that count?
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  5. Me too but I always manage by pulling all nighters ;)
  6. I laugh during serious moments
  7. I always run back to FOOD
  8. That's the most evil thing I've ever seen you say, wot da heck.
  9. Fr. 80% of the ppl I get along best with end up being junkies or ppl w severe mental illness. Which, not a big deal, but i don't wanna be involved in their stuff =[
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  10. Idk 🤷. I guess I just haven't met the right one yet.
  11. That's not the evil part. The evil part is the playing mind games and making then break up with you
  12. It's not mind games. 😤 I'm no Jedi, lady.
  13. Those are mind tricks not games
  14. Oh.
    Well, I don't do it consciously. It's not like I think "I'm not feeling this any longer so let me be mean to them."
    It's more like I just fall back some, and they typically think I'm talking to someone else. Which, I'm not. I don't cheat. But, sometimes you need a little break without actually breaking up. Ya know? Like, just to give it time to see if you're just having a moment and feelings are still there.
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  15. I get that, I’ve done that with friends before. I think you just gotta learn to tell you partner that you need some time to be alone and process how you feel when you get that way.
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  16. Are you my ex bf? Cause this sounds familiar 😂
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  17. Maybe that i’m an occasional hoe🤔 but also on a serious note: that I let someone use me cos I love that person even if I know he just coming to me when he’s bored.
  18. I don't believe so 🙅. I could be in the future though. 😉
  19. Trying not to judge tf outta you rn and failing. I still laik you but lemme add this behavior to my pet peeves
  20. I don't have a plan for anymore exs in this lifetime so maybe another timeline? 😄
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