What’s your toxic trait?

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  1. My sister has the same issue with her name. The one that bothers me the most is cheque and check.

    Like i use it so much at work it drives me crazy when it constantly tries to correct me
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  2. I’m accidentally critical/judgmental. Like I don’t really realize I do it bc I think I convince myself I have someone’s best interest at heart when giving them advice but I actually end up just discouraging them or making them feel bad about their choices.
  3. My most toxic trait is probably coming across like im always right. Also not letting things go and letting my anxiety take over. But im a really nice person, so id say its my more annoying/negative trait versus toxic. Im not sure if im really a toxic person at all.
  4. Same I relate with holding grudges but also believe in karma even if means taking things into my own hands 🌚
  5. Mine I guess would be false promises- not because I just don’t ever plan on fulfilling promises. I usually don’t actually promise to do something- but so many times when I get excited over the idea of doing something, I’m like “OKAY YES I AM SO DOING THIS” but then things fall through, or it doesn’t turn out right, so I don’t do it.

    one example being I had told so many friends and followers that I was gonna draw realism- but it just isn’t my style. I still wanna try, but I have yet to actually post an actual realism piece. Most of these false promises being art related, because life happens. I have been trying hard not to make anymore false promises.
  6. Although this isn’t “toxic” it’s just negative- I still wanted to include it. Because it’s just my worst quality I feel tbh it has gotten me in pretty messy situations
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  7. I don’t know if it’s toxic but I love and value my independence so much that I’ve lost many people in the long run and honestly have stopped caring if I have anyone by my side anymore (which isn’t right, because yanno, society doesn’t work that way). I find it difficult to make connections because it makes me feel vulnerable and a little pointless. I sometimes let go of people when they fail to reach my given “standards” knowing not everyone is the same and can not put in the same efforts. I lead people on sometimes and start fights for no reason just to test them?

    Oh and I often find myself taking advantage of other people’s weakness.
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  8. Usually on word document for instance there’s a button where the word number is usually displayed and if you right click it shows languages, you can change this from “English (USA) to “English “U.K.” I hope this helps 😊
  9. It's not a word document unfortunately 🤧

    It's like an operating system
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  10. I get bored of RL relationships quickly, and tend to push the other person away so they break up with me and I don't have to feel any break up guilt.
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  11. Probably my personality as a whole tbh. I swear a lot and my sense of humor is "offensive" I guess. But I think people are just too sensitive.

    Like someone will poke fun at me for something and I'll say something like "bro fuck you" or sumtn like that but obviously playing around and laughing and they'll get butt hurt like if I said "HEY BUDDY FUCK YOU AND YOUR FAMILY" like no it was a playful "fuck you" y'know?

    I just honestly think people nowadays are little bitches and get offended over any little thing and that's why I'm always getting into arguments whether it be IRL or online because I say one little joke and people start tryna give me a lecture as if I didn't already know the joke is not "factually accurate" and just a FUCKING JOKE.

    I also laugh at and share dark memes and people apparently don't like that 🤷‍♂️

    I've made friends that share that sense of humor and personality and we get along GREAT but they're mostly either gang bangers or junkies and I'm not tryna hang out those kinda people again
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  12. No, your toxic trait is bumping up deadass threads
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  13. Your toxic trait is that youre not dead yet
  14. Youre dead in my mind tho. By sliced jugular
  15. How many alts are you gonna make
  16. When you gunna kill yourself or die in general?
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. All threads nowadays are deadass threads but ok
  19. I keep letting people eat me
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