What’s your toxic trait?

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  1. Since toxic is everyone’s new favorite word what’s your toxic trait?

    Mine is leading people on knowing I have no intentions on doing what I said I was gonna do☹️ I’m working on that tho I just need to learn how to say “no.” lmaooooo
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  2. So you just say “Yes” to everyone?
  3. Yes like if people invite me places & i know I don’t wanna go but I don’t wanna sound like I don’t wanna hang out with them I’ll go along with the plans & come up with an excuse last minute😣
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  4. Ew, that's one of my least favourite character traits =[ take it back
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  5. I'm sure I have plenty. The one I get comments on most often, though, (irl) is bluntness? Ig. Sometimes it's good but I can also stray into the just straight up rude category, issa thin line that I have been working on and getting better at. Like a year ago my coworkers used to tease me about how I would never be able to keep a people-oriented job and would probs just stay in kitchens because of my lack of filter. But one of my jobs is people-oriented now and I do well at it, so there 😾
  6. My lack of self-esteem is pretty toxic to myself, I just realized today. :|
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  7. Toxic is one of my least favourite words.

    It's so overused to the point of being toxic itself.

    Afaik I have no negative traits that people find repulsive or hard to tolerate.
    I do things that annoy one of my friends but it's a value-clash rather than anything deeper.
  8. I know I’m horrible😭

    you can always work on that gurl❤️

    Omg I wanna be like you😂😂😂
  9. I worry about a person a LOT. If they last texted me an hour ago I’ll check when they were last on and possibly their location. I’ll also check if I’ve been unadded or something :/
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  10. I always need to be right and have to correct people if they're wrong. It's 100% obnoxious 🤓
  11. I rly don't know 🥺
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  12. I'm not too sure either. I mean i think just a negative trait of mine is i loose patience really easily when I'm trying to do things and they don't work out.

    Like for example i was making sweet potato fries last night and they got soggy instead of crispy and i was 5 seconds away from throwing them out the window. If something doesn't go the way i planned i get choked
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  13. Is being slow a “toxic” trait?
  14. Your essay responses
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  15. Heh?
  16. They’re a bad trait
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  17. Too mamy words = toxic trait
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  18. Am using the word toxic here to just mean negative ftr. imo the actual definition of toxic is more along the lines of abusive behavior but OP's example didn't seem to reflect that
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  19. That doesn't qualify at all 😂
    It's not even a trait. I can choose to keep things brief and let people carry on with unaddressed points, but by addressing a multitude in one post, you can tie down the loose ends in a conversation and bring it closer to a resolution.

    They save time.

    Toxic behaviour has negative and long-lasting impacts on people around them. Toxic is like poisonous. It poisons those it reaches and afflicts them after the behaviour has already gone away.

    Idk what "essay response" would ever fit that description. Maybe a savage response could qualify, and if an essay response was too savage, then it might bother someone. 🌚 But I can't think of any of mine that would qualify as being that, let alone the majority of my 'essay responses'. 😂 So i guess it's a joke but I don't get it if it's serious
  20. As I said, I consider it negative not toxic. And it would be more of a symptom of a negative trait ig since I feel like your essays, rather than addressing many necessary points, are just you reading way too far into what people are saying. I was mostly joking since I feel weird telling someone who I have never met what sort of person they are, though.
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