What’s your growth rate?

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  1. Mine is 30,789 CS a day,
    (3,417,519 CS / 111 days)

    About 1,139,197 a month
    (3,417,519 CS/ 3 months)

    And projected to be 11,237,985 CS by the end of the year.
    (30,789 CS * 365)

    If you know (approximately) when you started playing please try to calculate this.

    If you happen to be maxed already, then try to calculate from when you started to when you stopped upgrading.
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  2. Girth or length?
  3. Oooh, this is interesting.

    So, I started playing 27 January 2018 (aka 565 days ago since today is 15 August for me).

    I'm currently 19.1mcs.

    So I've grown any avg of about 33,805cs per day then since I started playing.
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  4. 0cs/day
  5. I haven't upgraded in forever. It takes too long and I don't like having the amount of money required out (to replace ppl now I would need at least 2.8tril out)
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  6. Same tbh.
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  7. Luckily I'm still working on replacing my 80B dormies with 1T dormmies. After that I dunno what I'mma do.
  8. I joined around February of 2018 I believe.

    My current stats are 96mcs, so that would be about 5mcs per month and about 168kcs per day.

    However most of my growth is done during promo, so I can’t really calculate where I’d be in the next month.
  9. I joined 2nd August 2015.
    Currently 42.72mcs
    Grown by 28,923cs per day.
    By the start of 2020, I'll still be 42.72mcs because I'm inactive af.
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  10. 42mcs in 4 years

    10.5mcs per year

    Projected to be 52.5mcs in 1 year's time

    (jks, that isn't how this works)
  11. Mmmm... I don't wanna math. But I'm 35.7mcs and have been playing a year and 1 month. Slow progress. But still progress. 🙃
  12. You'll be active around Black Friday. Promos really reel you in. Also, the year is 2014 not 2015. You just got your 5 year award.
  13. You all remember your start date?? 🤯

    I know I was here for BF 2017, so rough calculations put me at about 30k/day. I haven't really focused on upgrading in a while though. 🙃 So no projections for the future. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  14. Idk anymore tbh