Wedding war to celebrate the union between Broncoo & Quartz

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  1. Yes you read it right it was destined to happen .The collision of 2 live sparkz. At first they were sworn enemies but despite the heated moments . One thing pulled them together :- their love for forums.Destined to be King and Queen of pimd forums brought their friendship into play .Ying and Yang opposites attract .The first of its kind a union of Pimd and Kaw . Known to hold immense rivellry between these 2 games .Can now this new bond linking these 2 games calm the waters only time will tell. August 1st please join us to celebrate . Details to follow .Team Quartz or Team Bronco
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    Rip to the days kaw would infiltrate hsh as well :?
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    Haha. No Support.
  4. Why aint you supporting Kiki ? Do you want my man for yourself ?
  5. Good luck raf :lol:
  6. Thanks LOL
  7. Come on people i am very dissapointed no sign-ups yet ! You are gaurenteed much laughs with Broncoo and myself. Broncoo is in charge because he has more experiance than me on pimd.But i did learn a bit when took part in one of Tracer's training wars .I got lots of good advice from all those involved that day and it was fun. I bagsy all members of Ascension though Broncoo who enlist for this bonding war to be on my side haha .
  8. Pimd and its members have gone seriously stagnant and boring. it used to be ao much fun in 2016 but the fun has died.Whats the point of doing party after party growing your account.if you dont have some fun with it . 5 million people play pimd and not one has put their name forward as a maybe . Bye broncoo i am going where there is some life and fun .Theres more to a game then furniture and r.s and weirdo r.p which is all pimd people know.You know where to find me Broncoo if a miricle happens and people do come forward.Call this wedding war off .i am pimd retired .Everybody is too dull .Bye broncoo take care.
  9. ? T.S.K / T.C.K are TRASH ?
  10. How long is this war, 24hrs?
  11. if you really want some excitement roni then grow your account and just hit people. ...
  12. Thank you for your opinion it will be debated by others and filed away in the round file with all of your other opinions
  13. Send me everything in your locker before you go kthx.

    If you want to war on pimd you'll have to w8 until ata gives another 24 hour break from hunts. Ppl do wars and are more likely to war during that time.

  14. Facts....I really thought building a account reason to be successful in wars or battles. Why is it important to build a account. For what bragging rights ???
  15. I do want him to myself
  16. O my stop it ;)