Watch my video..😂

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  1. No support. Doesn't belong here considering we can find all this information on the announcement thread AND we all clearly already have PIMD downloaded?
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  2. I like the pimd-related media and wish to support it.
    But as the person above said, it would be faster to open forums and read the thread than to watch the video.

    Maybe if you commentated it, it would be better? Add some opinions about the hunt?
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  3. We could be looking at PIMD forums through a web browser.
  4. Shameless plug
  5. They should activate it so we can log in on a browser like I hear the mods can 😪
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  6. Agreed.
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  7. I like the idea. But it was hard to read the text and the music doesn't really match.

    Would like to see ATA's approach on it with all their lil edits though.
  8. You need to collect 5 of each, not 4.

    The video is very shallow.
    It makes it seem like the order in which you collect them matters but it doesn't matter.
    It only has 2 core bits on information. What the items are, and how many of each are needed to make the set.
    The images say 5 of each make the set, but you say 4 in the video which is wrong.
    At least you got the images right.
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  9. Dang Kefo’s been taking no mercy lately
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