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  1. The heart of pimd is once again in moratorium as the developers once again try preventing all combat on pimd for 2 weeks for some stupid, gimmicky hunt that is apparently meant to promote that part of the game.

    IF the idea is to get people who usually wouldn't hit people to now hit people, they will see that it is as dangerous and challenging as hitting a party.

    And for 2 weeks, player profiles will be like parties but much less interesting or profitable.

    Whether intentionally or unintentionally, they have neutered any semblance of regular pvp mechanics, wiping it from the game, and now allowing babies to get a taste for something that once was pvp.

    How many times do we have to tell you NOT to do a pvp hunt like this?
    This is not good for those who like to farm.
    This is not good for reducing the fears of fairies and helping them see the joy of pvp.
    This is not good for those who are currently involved in combat.
    Transgressing the soul of your game is not good for it.

    We have been over this before and I didn't think it would come up again. New developers, please keep your filthy mitts off these essential mechanics. If you want to make things better, read the feedback to prior, similar hunts.

    This is so disheartening to see.
  2. I mean, I like it.
  3. I agree because of the loss of ability to pin. Pranks and fights really took a hit on this. The money loss is whatever for me but still I feel like we should lose a bit of money, but we have an option to opt out/in.
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  4. It’s just de-buffed not “iN mOrAtOrIuM” calm your tits Karen

    Also for most people nowadays it’s the ridiculous amount of taunting notifications one receives when being farmed that makes the experience bad for them so really nothing’s changed for those who are stuck in sfw.
  5. "you will NOT lose Cash or Strength/Intelligence when you get hit by another Player."

    These are the marbles you play for in pvp.

    Without them, it's basically been neutered.

    And maybe some people like to wall farm war but they are ridiculous and nobody cares about them.
  6. Rip sfw. Now we're all just strippers.
  7. I'm not even in sfw, but I hate it too just doing the hunt. It's hard to hit people for vials when my energy is going down and theirs isn't
  8. Is PimD becoming High School Hero?
  9. I don’t think the notifications are what does it. It’s the money lost because you’ll chill with 10T out and you wake up with 23b left. The notifications are whatever in my opinion though.
  10. Nobody wants to talk in forums about how having an option is a bad idea and about how effectively disabling pvp for anyone actually interested in farming, the developers should have remembered as a disaster, is a good idea.🌚

    Shocked. The fairies do like to keep their discourse off-app.
  11. Why... why would the notifications be the bad part of being farmed?? That makes no sense. If the worst thing you're experiencing when being "farmed" is too many notifs, your farmer isn't doing it right.

    And while some players may enjoy this hunt, there's no denying that it has put SFW on hold. It may help some people get a sense of their hit range and to get a feel of the PVP aspect of the game, but unless they do events where you lose cash or at the very least energy, then it only serves as an introduction.

    There should be more incentive to war and PVP or else it's just a wasted feature. There's zero reason to not use something that is already coded. They also have access to coding for improved war mechanics and pvp events from KAW that they can tweak and bring over here.

    Back on track - PVP literally revolves around pinning and taking cash from your opponent. SFW is literally pointless until this event ends. Do you think taking someone's tuts then giving them a ton of oh so horrible notifications is going to make them worried? No, the point of SFW is to make them lose their cash... which they can't. To top it off, you can "spam farm" your opponent until your energy is depleted and all they have to do is check their notifs and move on. It doesn't affect them in any way except maybe cause a mild inconvenience.

    I'm guessing most farmers, especially those in SFW, will use this time to make cash so they can properly PVP once this event is over. It's just disappointing to force real PVP onto a hiatus to cater to players that want to play around with zero risk. But that's just my opinion.

    As long as people are having fun, it is what it is and if you enjoy it then go for it. Just also realise that other people have their own opinions and that it does affect a different aspect of the game you may or may not be too in tune with.
  12. oh my god i thought only fairies cried this much about pvp. I wouldn't wanna sit here and argue with this bullshit either, I don't blame em from staying away from this thread. It's okay lil man when the hunt ends you can go back to taking lunch money 🥺🥺🥺 for someone who's so intense about pimd and "helping" players you really like to insult them and call them babies huh? The actual nerve when u the one crying right now. Your opinion or nothin

    This is the most dramatic response to a temporary hunt mechanic I have ever seen. God forbid the devs try somethin for the people who spend money on their game. It's been years since they've done this, how DARE they try it again for one hunt to test it on the many new players and see how they respond to it. The FIENDS. Pvp is DEAD! Don't they know the game revolves around farmers and their opinions alone!

    Bro let me get you a chaise lounge to collapse on you're looking pale. Skip the hunt like everyone else does when they don't like something holy shit. Acting like this is the new norm. My god you're the only farmer I've seen whine this much about it. Embarrassing. I'll go back to my farms when this is over. I suggest you take some meds or a nap and wake up when it ends so it'll all seem like a bad dream. so worked up I think that's the healthiest option
  13. would take seriously if you didnt post on an alt.
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  14. What a bunch of garbage. Posting from an alt and with no actual points. Just coming for me without commenting on the topic.
  15. They placed a whole part of the game on pause.

    Will you keep this same energy if parties were disabled and the only way to get money/drops was to hit people?👀
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  16. Bring back PvP!
  17. Tbh every time i tried pvp i got bored after 5mins. Longest i lasted before getting bored was 2 days