[WAR] Tournament Roster Fall 2015 Vol. 2

Discussion in 'Wars' started by DUH-EnergizerBunny, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. Take me off the list
  2. I would like to sign up if you're still taking them :)
  3. 7.25mcs, may BC if I feel like it ?
  4. good luck everyone 
  5. BC here Signing up ... :lol:
  6. Lcbc here ! Count me in ?
  7. Yep! Keep signing up everyone!
    Plenty of spots!
  8. Sign me up! BC..
  9. ThorTheMasterOfWhack-_A_-Mole

    **Subject to change**
  10. That's a lot of bc dis season.

    Where are the small peoples at?
  11. My same thought
  12. bump

    Invite da mini friends tooo.
  13. Sign Me Up! I'm bc.
  14. sign me up 6Mcs
  15. Sign me up please