VIP earned avatars suggestion

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  1. Okay, so we all know for Avis there are the lower stat regular Avis with one color version. Then, there is VIP which alters or switches some colors that has HIGHER stats. Often times I’m finding that I PREFER the original color scheme, having earned the VIP version.

    SUGGESTION: When you’ve earned the VIP version, you should have the upgraded stats BUT be able to choose what color version you prefer. So you get to pick your preference and have the higher stats.

    Like the new Avis in shop right now, I bought the red gentlemen. I earned the brown color version but I actually prefer the red version because I thinks it’s more dapper 🕴... but if I pick the red version I must have the lower stats why?

    I think this is a rather good suggestion
  2. I mean tbh if you're not engaging in PvP, your avi's stats don't matter. It doesn't affect anything else.
  3. Let's agree to disagree.
  4. Let’s disagree about agreeing to disagree 🌚
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  5. I can see why you’d want this, but I don’t really understand how this would work?

    Like we can’t just make up game features and ask ATA to magically make them a reality.
  6. Like Muschi said if you dont pvp then the stats really don't matter. There's not a huge stat difference between reg & vip of the Avis anyways. So it doesn't really matter which one you use.
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