V is for Vendetta

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  1. She's going through so much pain,
    The blind can see.
    I told her they can be a quick stain,
    I can't put it behind me...

    She must've had some insight,
    But this shit don't sit right.
    I've been on the vengeful plight,
    Hunting them down at night.

    I gotta see her cry every other night,
    Petrified of their sin.
    She recoils from my touch when,
    She thinks of those men.

    Can't hold her the same,
    Cause to her we're all the same...
    Just different by name,
    With no hope for us to reclaim.

    She despairs deeply with no escape,
    Too scared to ask for help.
    I'm no vigilante nor do I own a cape,
    But after seeing her eyes I-...

    I saw beyond the veil,
    The way she recoiled quickly.
    She looked so sickly,
    Or maybe in her eyes I-...

    I asked "do you see them,
    In every man even your own-...
    No don't answer that,"
    I grabbed my piece off the table.

    She sobbed silently,
    After telling me the facts.
    I got up and left violently,
    What happened was...

    The trauma is too severe,
    Her heart is engrossed with fear.
    Just for having a big rear,
    She was attacked from the rear.

    She clawed and shouted,
    Nobody heard her dreadful encounter.
    She bawled and doubted,
    The nature of men indiscriminately.

    Hours and hours she waited,
    While her choice was eviscerated.
    Sodomized and brutally violated,
    Thoughts of fighting were berated.

    They took turns,
    Like it was a sick game.
    My heart burns,
    It's "V" for Vendetta.

    I kicked in the door,
    Of the demented perpetrators.
    I shouted "get on the floor,"
    I was about to do the reaper a favor.

    For them ripping up her insides,
    I let the hollows rip them.
    Impulsively they groveled to live,
    Unlike her I couldn't forgive.

    This one was for her,
    In those final moments I felt senile.
    I felt no remorse at all,
    Killing those who killed her smile.

    My dearest childhood friend...
    The kindest soul.
    For taking away her innocence...
    They paid a toll.

    Soon police had arrived,
    Noticing the unquenchable malice.
    I turned their clubhouse,
    Into nothing but a bloody palace.

    And I rather die by six,
    Than be carried by twelve.
    So I shot myself,
    And welcomed my ride to hell...
  2. V is for Vendetta

    TLDR is for the thread.
  3. You're asking too much from jaco 🌚
  4. I expected this
  5. Commenting "TLDR" doesn't make you cool, especially when you had to look at the thread and scroll down to post, while reading the title and at least some parts of it. It's more of a hypocritical argument.
  6. Wym?
  7. Getting butthurt is understandable, right?
  8. I'm too straight to ever get butthurt and it's the full clip for any rapist that tries. Keep that in mind.
  9. V is the best letter. 😌
    Though the story was quite tragic, I found it rather well told.