Updated Mod Guide 3.0

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Quality12, May 26, 2018.

  1. Noob you're so wrong about me and about so much in the world. I honestly pity you. Go and learn how to be a decent person.
  2. go learn how to be a human being first kefo then come and preach
  3. Don't patronize me. Why have your panties been in such a twist lately?
  4. and why putting your nose in wrong place
    go and stay in the selfie thread at least you have a use there
  5. Boohoo
  6. I was born a human being. Maybe if you don't know that people are born as humans, it's you who needs to learn what it means to be human?
  7. i doubt you were born as human , and please stop derailing the thread
  8. I doubt you were born a disgrace, but there you are.
  9. again kefo stoo derailing the thread
  10. Honestly they let a bunch of nubs become mod, I've been watching some of the lower stat mods and they are absolutely clueless. Complete garbage.
  11. do you have evidence ?
  12. May I remind you of Angela bby
  13. have you reported her ?
  14. You'll never be a mod then
  15. I doubt he wants to be one
  16. Good
  17. People make mistakes. How old ago was this? Not even relevant to the topic.

    @Hailey, posting, "I run ish here, you just moderate," On a mods wall isn't inflaming. Lol, you made a typo btw. Anyways, mods, WYA. I hear mods give the best Seasame Street rp. I'll be Grouch and y'all be the trash Wait, kinda dumb, but still funny
  18. Did you appeal your silence via the help ticket?
  19. jaco why arent you banned yet