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  1. Re: Hit Range Adjustment (and how hit ranges work!)

    You can battle people who can battle you as long as they're not dtw.
  2. Re: Hit Range Adjustment (and how hit ranges work!)


    This change made it so that you can hit only across your own bucket plus one more bucket.
    So let's refer to that as your hit range being reduced from 3 buckets to 2 buckets.

    As of this morning, May 23, there are two additional changes:

    1. If you're hitting someone who hasn't logged in for 48 hours or more, the range expands back to 3 buckets.

    2. If you hit someone, you can be hit from 3 buckets again for a while*.

    Why the extra changes?

    The bucket change did more damage to players who wanted to fight each other from 2 buckets away than we planned for. With these new changes, active players who want to PVP and SFW aggressively can still fight as they could before, and players who aren't active can still be potential farms just as they were before.

    Also, these additional changes will reduce the frequency of an exploit that we see starting to crop up in recent months.

    me trying to explain why we didn't do this in the first place

    *Note that we will be tuning what "a while" is, but it should be enough to retaliate. Let us know your experiences!

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  3. Re: Hit Range Adjustment (and how hit ranges work!)

    Oh, interesting further adjustment.
  4. Re: Hit Range Adjustment (and how hit ranges work!)

    Could you add this update to the bottom of the original post?
  5. I wanna know more about this "exploit"
  6. Sooooo if im hit by someone 90mcs higher strength, huge furniture bonus, huge tutor bonus and more misc bonus from "borrowed" frankenpugs than i have in total i can hit them back? Yeah such a fair fight. keep giving dumbass answers, thanks
  7. Why are you replying 6 months late...? There's been more hit range adjustments in the meantime anyway, so none of this is even relevant anymore.
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  8. Apparently you stalk forums to throw in your 2 cents
  9. Says the person that dug up a thread from over 6 months ago to post an angry reply...
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  10. I dont waste my life away posting in forums all day
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  11. But you actively searched for an old thread and were enraged enough by one of the replies to bump the thread and reply?
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  12. That is, in fact, correct.

    You can hit them. The rate may be 1/50 hits or less, but you will occasionally win.

    And if that's too low for you, I'd heavily encourage you to petition the devs to change that fact so that you'll succeed more often.

    I'm stating facts, not oughts.

    Fact: You can hit back and succeed very very rarely.

    Is that the way it ought to be? I don't think so either.
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  13. Locking this thread as it's out of date and there have been different changes since then that make this inaccurate.
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