[UPDATE] Summer VS Winter War

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    UPDATE AS OF 5/30/2019

    The moment everyone has been waiting for

    Yes, you have read right. The roster is here for the SUMMER V.S. WINTER war! We thank you for everyone's patience as well as understanding for this war. Now, we make history.

    UPDATE AS OF 5/29/2019


    Stay tuned as we finalize the roster and we shall post it shortly thereafter along with the club names.

    We reached out to the design team to verify that the 200 in a club for the war was still a go. Given the unforeseen technical difficulties of expanding the two clubs to 200 for this war is unavoidable, we are forced to simply proceed with first original format of 100 per side between 400. We apologize for the inconvenience and to the people who were looking forward to that huge scale war again.

    Keep an eye in the forums for the complete roster

    Reminder: War starts June 1st, at 3pm EST

    War will be 24 hours with 2 teams of 200 members

    We want everyone to experience warring and learn from the war veterans.Just a reminder that not everyone who signed up will be included in the roster. This is on a first come, first serve basis but don't fret, should there be anyone who can't war, we will consider those who didn't make the cut as replacements. Everyone who didn't make the cut are automatically put in the waiting list.


    All stats are welcome to join.

    Much like the last Mod Crate war, as long as you agree with the disclaimer and rules, just acknowledge it here and if you would like a specific side to go (Winter or Summer) just post.

    Once everyone gets matched and we need to make it balanced, we will contact you ahead of time should we need to switch your preferred teams before posting the club rosters.

    Misc is disabled, much like the last Mod Crate War.

    Just like the last war, only one crate will be given to the winning members of the winning team


    1. NO UPGRADING OR NAME CHANGES AFTER THE SIGN-UP DEADLINE UNLESS TOLD TO DO SO. It is hard enough to match without players constantly changing their stats or their IGN. We would be asking some to upgrading after the deadline to make a match as equal as possible.

    2. STRICTLY NO ALTS! Anyone caught using 2 accounts in the war, will be kicked. Give chance to others please.

    3. WHATEVER HAPPENS IN WAR, STAYS IN WAR. Keep the smack talk within the war period only.


    5. NO VISITORS PLEASE! Only players who made it into the roster will be allowed to enter.

    6. Once war starts, you cannot leave the war without valid reasons or emergencies. If you can't make it to the war, inform any organizer at least 48 hours before the event so we can find a replacement.

    7. STRICTLY NO STRIPPING ANYONE IN WAR. Anyone caught will be automatically disqualified.


    This war is open to all pimd players.

    1. By participating, all entrants acknowledge and agree that they have entered the war out of their own free will, that the full rules and details of the war have been made available to them and they, therefore, understand and agree that the organizers won't be held responsible for hits or tutor strips before and after the war.

    2. Organizers are not held responsible in securing any temporary CF nor kicking people in rosters for each team.

    3. We reserve the right to kick you for any inappropriate or intolerable behaviour that may not be listed in the above-mentioned rules.

    4. To ensure fairness of the war itself, we have collaborated with ATA in order to make sure that everyone will be competing based on account growth instead misc bonuses. This means misc bonuses will be disabled during the war.

    5. Organizers reserve the right to re-assign any player to balance out the rosters. We want the war to be as fair as possible so do not be surprised if you were suppose to be in one team but ended up in another.

    We want this event to be fair to everyone who joined and only want to have a fun filled war weekend. Players who break the rules will be given a stern warning. Repeated offenders will be kicked out of the war.

    For any questions and clarifications, my team and I will be happy to answer them. Please do not hesitate to wall or follow any of us.

    • -MrSmash_De_Saison-
    • -AKUDOU-
    • -SakuraHime-
    • -QUINN-

    I would like to thank the previous BoS war admins -_A_-ZenStateOfMind, -_A_-Legwarmers, -Ahli-LovesMike, -_A_-Ross, hsq, CrazyReD for the rules and disclaimer section, -Quinn- for the previous mod crate war that was successful as well as 90 percent of the forumers here, and the whole idea about a mod crate war in general and lastly, RevolutionaryWolf on checking the posts before going live. There would've been no way I could've done it all without you guys. Thank you so much!

    Please refrain from posting unnecessary topics not related to war. Thank you.
  2. Re: Summer VS Winter War - UPDATE

    In case not everyone saw, this was the latest update from earlier.

  3. For winter plz o.o
  4. Holy shít 200 members
  5. Winter please :)
  6. Looks good everyone. I appreciate the veterans helping setting up this war.
  7. I’m looking forward to this war. 200 vs 200 is going to be exciting and definitely interesting :)

    Good work mods!
  8. Looking forward to it! :)
  9. Great my sign up is being deleted 
  10. Umm just a quick question. Are you using the sign ups from the original post?
  11. The sign ups were from the threads previously, and the most recent one that were accounted for, as stated previously in the actual sign up thread.
  12. Ok thanks. Just asking
  13. When will be the final list of players in war will be posted ?
  14. Oh wow 200vs 200 newbs and pros mix what fun. And saw the vets organizong and the rules of stripping?? goodluck to everyone listed for this.and goodjob on highlighting rules.
  15. I mean. 200 v 200 seems interesting but i thought you could only have 100 people per club? ?
  16. ATA is amazing so they help with that
  17. Yay I can’t wait ?
  18. I already sign up on the previews thread
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