Upcoming PIMD Revamp (iOS)

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  1. @pimd...... there has been a lot of changes, updates, stupid hunts, gifts and keys and avatars in the last year since T7s level 1s came out. Its been a whole yr in november that they came out why havent the rest of the T7s came out by now? But yet theres been tons of.new hunts avatars updates gifts etc why havent what we want came yet which are the next level T7s and when you all do bring them is it just going to be 1 at a time I certainly hope not. And can you all also allow us to send pimd money amongst players versus us having to do dvs its so tiring. Also alloying mass gift sending. These are the types of updates we as players want to see and would keep us interested in the game. Ive been playing for years and honestly the changes are making me less interested. Thank you
  2. I agree with you choco princess
  3. Thank patrickjane13 now only if pimd will answer  my questions and concerns. Crossing fingers. It just that they keep adding things and its getting more and more expensive. Example the spinner omg only gives me 651m every damn time i hit or a damn goldfish ive been trying to build a bento box since they came out smdh. Why cant we win a carepackage or a hypnocat if ur big? hell the only way a person can get a carepackage is if u win it but the spinner aint giving them out so why fricking tease me? why is it an option we should be able to buy them point blank! And these sales make no damn since in my head when u say 50% that means you get 50% off or 50% more so lets do the calculations..... 4.99 for 7 doctors notes is the sale..... they are regulaly priced 4.99 whuch u get 5 dns plus 1. So wheres the 50% come in at if u only get 1 extra fricking dns l? PIMD PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTIONS AMD CONCERNS PLEASE PICK ME PICK ME  THESE ARE THE THINGGS WE AS PLAYERS OR CONSUMERS WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!
  4. You mad or nah?
  5. Should bring in a trade system. :p like world of Warcraft. Both enter item, and hit accept. If the items are moved or removed then the trade restarts until both parties hit accept again. Lol.
    I'm sure I'm just wishing, but it would be nice and stop scamming from being so frequent. A girl can dream though.

    Also support for mass gift, mass unfollow is a step in the right direction.
  7. Wow and android users get nothing again..maybe we should stop spending out money then! Just a suggestion!
  8. Or maybe read where it says they're working on something for Android users??
  9. How about gift spam cuz 1 by 1 is quite annoying and i cant glitch spam with this phone cuz its too small or something i guess ?
  10. Got an update for android...only thing that changed was video ad settings and the campus buzz screen when I first get on..are the rest of the changes coming later?
  11. Yes they are working on android. It'll be out after iOS.
  12. Same for my alt o.o
  13. Same here
  14. Is there a date when this is being released?
  15. And the profile thing