Upcoming Feature - Club Roles!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. issa game
  2. So clubs spend more and get the vice president slot

  3. I agree.
    +10 points for the angry rsnr
  4. Rant ** it won't let me edit my typo ?
  5. Omg I'm so on board with this. This needs to happen already
  6. ⚓B2B Pirate PUB⚓
    ?2Mcs Item = 7 Pub Parties?
    Limited slots
    ⛓Wall IND_krishna⛓
  7. Why can't executives kick that's stupid af ata ya are dumb af

  8. Based on your anger your club may have elected this more appropriate position for You.
  9. Wow mad about that really ?
  10. Well this would have been useful after I came back from a 6 month hiatus
  11. Bumping for someone
  12. I love texting. Its my favourite.
  13. Wrong thread, nubby
  14. Need 50000000 diamonds
  15. Just uninstall
  16. Another thing that used to cost cash. Why u gotta be so fưckn money hungry ata like duuuudddeee cmonn may as well make this 100% p2p