Unpopular Opinions

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  1. I just made this to see what ppl gotta say. It can be about anything. Ex. Chik-fil-a sauce > anything else.
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  2. Bacc at it again is the most stupidest song I’ve ever heard.
    BTS is lame and overrated
    People only eat at Chick-Fil-A just to say they eat at Chick-Fil-A.
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  3. My brother used to work at Chick-Fil-A and he still eats it to this day. So don’t hate appreciate 🤗
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  4. I don't think The Office is a good show.
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  5. Birthing a child does not entitle a woman to special privileges like taking up the entire sidewalk/grocery aisle and no longer having to look where she is going because people will just move out of her way because she has a stroller.
  6. This is very specific and I feel like there's a story behind it. I am privileged in that I have never seen a mom behave this way
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  7. E-girl bath water is the purest water available.
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  8. Actually I have a lot of unpopular opinions. I think capitalism is bad. I don't believe in voting. I don't think people should have children. I think drugs should be legalized and addicts get help rather than put in a jail cell. I think we need way more animal protection laws. Etc.
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  9. I want children. 😶
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  10. I'm not judging you or anyone (except maybe mormons and other mass breeders), I just don't think ppl should.
  11. you shut your whóre mouth
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  12. Tbh the office isn't that funny..
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  13. Honestly, it happens so often that it doesn't even feel specific anymore. I think working in retail forces me to deal with it more. Also, I agree with the last two of your popular opinions up there.
  14. Wait... you don't think people should have children? Do you want us to just die out? 😶 I mean, I think there should be a limit on how many children someone can have, and there should be some kind of like, screening to be allowed to have children (but then I think the same for pet owners too), but, do you literally mean not at all? 🤔
  15. I know weed is popular. Idk many ppl who agree with me when I say meth should be. And maybe on the animal thing but ik a lot of animal haters so they seem like the majority just from who I'm surrounded by
  16. Yes. I don't think people should have children.
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  17. Care to explain your thought process on this? I'm genuinely intrigued. 😅
  18. I have a laundry list of reasons but it mostly boils down to there being no good reasons to have children. Everyone's reasons for wanting to be a parent are completely selfish and about them.
  19. I think most things that only directly affect oneself should not be subjected to legal rulings tbh. While drugs like meth are absolutely a menace to society and horrible, having it be a crime does nothing other than turn its users into criminals. It doesn't help or benefit anyone, not even society as a whole, in my opinion. 🙈
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  20. I tried to teach little kids how to write their own songs and lyrics yesterday and one of them snot rocketed on my favorite shirt