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  1. If you switch between accounts on a single device, can you really be unable to switch between them anymore?
  2. Yes. Deleting the game helps.
  3. ATA said there's a limit on how many times you can log in and out of accounts per day. But I've been doing that for a long time with alts a couple times a day but I've never been locked out.
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  4. I’ve heard it depends. If you’ve got an IOS the probability of being locked out is said to be higher than if you’ve got an Android. However, there are several cases where ppl have experienced being locked out. 🙊
  5. If you have an Android device, I recommend using a cloning app to maintain other account(s) instead of logging in and out of the original app constantly. I personally haven't heard of any issues with getting locked out and always have been told that it was an old 'feature' and that the warning had never been removed. If it does exist though cloning apps help prevent you from getting locked out, and it's a lot quicker to have two apps instead of logging in n out of one app. Plus you can play simultaneously.
  6. No you won’t be I asked ata the same thing as long as you have your email and password you’ll get back in thats just if you didn’t link your account to ata or Facebook:))
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  7. I just switched back and forth like 20 times yesterday and didn't get locked out on android. I didn't wanna get the cloning app
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  8. I’m iOS so we have no cloning apps 😔
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  9. The struggle is real ✊🏻😔
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