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  1. I think it would be really nice if we had a value counter for all the tuts we had, especially when checking to see if you have more than enough for max plunder

    I know you can calculate this yourself but if you got 50 tuts an all of different values, it's just annoying tbh and I know you can ask people to know your max plunder/calculate yourself and just hire 1 tut of that value, but sometimes people don't wanna overspend on tuts and may need to upgrade
    Hope this could be done as it makes it easier on everyone as a whole I think with no downsides
  2. It’s only hire value that matters, so it’s not difficult tbh.
  3. Very lazy. I give no supports
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  4. By the powers granted to me by the universe and all that is holy and pure I grant this thread a SUPER COSMIC SUPPORT, it's like a regular support BUT MORE SUPER and COSMIC. like dude Calculations? Pls I ain't tryna fock with her. Keep da good ideas comin' bru I focks wit it
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