TUTOR PRICES from The Tutor Guy!™

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by JETHRO_TheTutorGuy, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Wow tnx man
  2. I must be overpriced if I'm like 6kcs and I'm worth almost 1bil... OH WELL I LOVE MY TUTOR SHE ALWAYS HIRES ME BACK
  3.  This is wonderful.
  4. Somebody hire my tuts then
  5. Why so fucking High ??
  6. Great math
  7. I can never find this.topic when I need it.
  8. its always in strategy

    but i took an ss of the prices
  9. This deserves a sticky, great job

  10. Hi.would like to ask.if my stat is 30kcs combine.then wats my value in tut that i need n how many.tks
  11. will someone tell me what my Kcs is
  12. Whats a kcs nd how do.u find it?
  13. Cs stats for combined stats. K stands for a thousand.
    For example I am around 65kcs. No big deal.
  14. Stands* instead of stats. Pardon me.