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Pupil name beside tutor name!

  1. Yes

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  1. I think it would be a good idea to put the pupils name beside the tutors name, like when you are looking to hire tutors as your seeing their name you would also see their pupils name! Or if its no one that's what you would see nobody!
  2. It isn't relevant most of the time. I think it would make things too crowded. Not worth the effort.

    I'd support if if everything else gets done but most fish that need frying are bigger than this.
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  3. Not a bad idea, but you can also just click on the profile of the tutor to check.
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  4. But theres also someone with the ign 'nobody' so your idea fails there to
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  5. But why? In what way could this be useful?
  6. That way nice people arnt getting farmed for hiring someone's tut
  7. How would this suggestion 'solve' that?
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