Trading is Here!

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  1. There are certain items you can't give away. Christmas furniture gifted from ata are some of them
  2. Can we trade with avatars?
  3. Omg no dont start this again
  4. I play??????????
  5. Lol go play outside in playground ? it's not a game what u think 
  6. Trading wallpaper in dorm for any other
  7. No, gtfo
  8. Trading maeve I and maeve II bentos for a tempura/launch bento.
  9. There’s a thread for that, little nubster
  10. Make trading avatars a thing pls. It would be much appreciated
  11.  Can't you make Avatars Tradable too??!! 
    So that male, female, and LGBTQ people can trade their avatars to other players.
    (Because sometimes female players gets a male avatars and vice versa plus you're not gonna make the avatars customizable so atleast make it tradable)
  12. ahhh yes. the three genders. male, female, and lesbian/gay/bi/transgender/questioning
  13. Go to settings, account, then disconnect.
  14. Can you trade money
  15. No.
  16. Wow I can't wait to use this new system.