Trading is Here!

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  1. You read that right, our much-anticipated trading feature is finally here!

    You're now able to initiate a trade with any of your friends by tapping on the trade icon to the left of the chatbox in your Private Messages.

    Trading Guide

    Choose what you're willing to offer in the trade and send a request. Your friend will then be able to choose to initiate or decline the trade.

    If they accept, your friend will be able to add their items to the trade.

    After they've added their offer and choose to trade you'll be given one more confirmation before the trade is completed.

    That's all there is to it!

    Trading FAQ

    What can I trade?
    All items that are currently re-giftable are able to be traded. With Furniture, only Level 1 versions of furniture are currently tradeable.

    Can I undo a trade?
    All trades are final. ATA is not able to step in with regards to trading disputes. You should always be a hundred percent certain that you are okay with the terms of a trade before committing to it.

    How many items can I trade?
    You can add up to 12 unique items per trade, and are able to specify the quantity of each of these items.

    What about gifting?
    Gifting is still here! You'll continue to be able to gift as you always have been, but this trading feature provides a safe way for two players to trade items with each member.
  2. Finally
  3. Can we trade this hunts boxes? It's not coming up on trade screen but I'm guessing it's all just being fixed atm ️?
  4. Don't really want to be friends with random people. Tbh
  5. Still can't trade avis I see... :(
  6. Wooohooo 
  7. I can't trade is this only for iPhone ?
  8. I kinda don't want to ever trade avis, it'll make old ones less unique
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  9. Cant wait to try this
  10. Chibis can not be traded
  11. That last part of trade. Does both side need to click yes if they agree or only the one who do the trade?
  12. 1. Bruce offers AkiCzechwiller a Teddy Bear
    2. AkiCzechwiller thinks to themself, "I want that Teddy Bear more than my Octopus" and offers Bruce their Octopus in exchange.
    3. Bruce thinks, "I'm OK with that" and the accepts trade and then... IT HAPPENS!!!!