Trading Avis

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  1. To all you people who don’t support this or even if you do  uhh i need an rs so rs me k bye that is all
  2. use the thread.

  4. Im well aware, apparently you brainless monkeys cant read what i said. Lmaooooo
  5. You said if
    There’s no if
    There’s a never
    Accept the never
  6. Basically.

    if you’re so aware then your monkey brain wouldn’t have posted it in the first place. :roll:
  7. God you are so butthurt cuz everyone thinks your idea is garbage :c
    ATA said it was a no. It doesn’t matter if they’ll make a profit with your stupid idea (that isn’t original) they said no.
  8. This isnt an idea i wanted them to use Lmao, and no not butthurt i dont want avis that i dont already have so this would effect me. And im not trying ti give ata an idea, if they were to being it into the game they would try to profit and i gave an example of how they could do it. Im well aware they said no, but they've said no to plenty of things and brought it into the game.
  9. It would break the game, unlike other things. That’s why they won’t now, tomorrow or ever.
  10. I wouldnt doubt it, it would make the game heavy asf.
  11. It would destroy the game, you’re not looking at it in a business sense.
  12. I dont doubt itll destroy the game.
  13. Requesting lock
  14. I don’t get the point of this thread but I wish it the best
  15. I would like to be able to upgrade my favorite avas stats with useless avas I don't use ??, I mean being able to trade them would be cool too.. BUT being able to use my fav ava and increasing its very sad stats would be so very awesome ..:roll: :lol: I am pretty sure others have brought this up before to ata etc..
    I however do not support having to pay ata to trade OUR avas , they are already ours ..So why should that cost us money?..
  16. This thread is terrible and op is butthurt
  17. No Support ?
  18. Wait this isn’t the grocery store..? I can’t find my mum and I’m lost ):<<<<<