[Trade] Mirrors/Rings

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  1. Am buying 85 rings wmo, can trade for my furnis, shards (except libra,taurus n sagi), other sc items or buying for chibis/ bentos
  2. Selling 2 bentos for rings wall meeee
    will trade for chibi, boxes, stat, showcase, etc
  4. Selling MIRRORS for bento WMID?
  5. buying rings 10:1b
  6. Re: Antique Mirrors

    If it’s a timer box then it might be cause you only get mirrors but if it’s one you have to unlock with a key then no it’s not a glitch
  7. Selling mirrors wmo
  8. Selling 41 Mirrors for 30C or 1B
  9. Looking to buy rings
  10. Selling Mirrors! Need them all gone!
  11. Selling 80 mirrors for 1 bento
  12. looking to buy rings wmo
  13. Selling 33 mirrors for shards wmo
  14. Selling 37 mirrors for 1b
  15. Selling 37 mirrors for capricorn shards wmo
  16. I need mirrors
  17. Selling RINGS5 per bento HMU??
  18. Selling 45 mirrors for 1b or wmo
  19. BUYING RINGS 10/1  
    Have 6 bentos 
  20. Trading Valentine's Candy(4 left) and Furniture(8 left) boxes, and 1 Winter Furniture box for RINGS. 1 for 1