[TOURNEY] Official Roster Fall 2015 Vol. 2

Discussion in 'Wars' started by DUH-EnergizerBunny, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Team 1 & 8 link here. Join up soon!
  2. Is it really loser teams vs winner teams?
  3. Looks like it
  4. That's so messed up.
  5. The losing team was suppose to join the winning team, instead two losing teams vs two winning teams?
  6. Good luck T67  smash it for me
  7. Where are you all at?! :p
  8. Not making it hun ?

  9. Nisha we're against each other ):
  11. ?exciting, round 2 is starting soon.?
  12. Team 4 and 5 will be victorious?
  14. Looking for 2 bc replacements for round 2.
  15. Choosing ppl as replacements who are involved in sfw just gets their team outside hits lol to all in this war getting hit too bad
  16. Tweak take it off the thread please.
    My pms always open if u habe a problem or need to vent.
  17. Lol acting like u dont know my problem? You should have seen this coming… ill gladly outside hit this whole tournament if needed to get the message through.
  18. ? Congrats 2 my awesome team mates ?