To The Black People of PIMD...

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  1. First off, before getting into details on what this post is all about and before non black people think this is a race thing... it isn't.

    I'm an African American male from a place where it's not easy to do anything without some type of crime transpiring in the background or to you.

    Anyways, with that in mind I have to say, stop threatening other people who aren't black that post or say "nigga" online...

    And before y'all try to get upset and attack me like "You Uncle Tom," or "I should've known you'd do this when you started talm bout girls with daddy issues..." think about it. These people using "nigga" don't live in the types of environments our people are statistically from. You think they'd get away with that shit in Chiraq? Bompton? HELL NO. These people aren't acting black... they're imitating our culture. It's not even cultural appropriation, it's a form of black face.

    Don't get me wrong tho, some people give them free passes to say "nigga." But here's the thing, can you really slap them through a screen for saying it? Lmao. No. Don't tell them what would happen to them for saying it. Let them be surprised when they're picking themselves up off of the ground. That reality check and the look on their face will be priceless.

    And stop forgiving people like Camilla Cabello or whatever her name is... she wasn't "uncultured" back then... she's just racist and thinks low of us. Y'all gullible asf.

    And don't farm them over it. Why waste your energy doing something ignorant when that's the reaction they want just so they can call us ignorant?

    And I understand it's hard hearing them say/post "nigga." Our "word" isn't just some term. It's like how women took back the word "bitch" and how gay people took back the word "queer." It's deeper than what these mfs think it is. It's all of our efforts to create something beautiful for ourselves after our stolen history. If you think "nigga" means "pal" when a black woman is angry at her man, you're an idiot. If you think "nigga" means "pal" when someone who isn't black uses it, you're an idiot...

    When we use it, it's more of us referencing OUR people. But also, I'm saying, stop giving these people the reaction they want to avoid many things...

    For 1, how feminists created incels, how we react can create supremacists. "Cancel culture" also leads people to desperate drastic acts of retaliation.

    Also, I ain't gone cap. I call pretty much everybody nigga. I'm legit ignorant in that way, BUT I'm stopping cause some feel like it's okay to use it if they're not black.

    And to all you people who aren't black who don't really understand what I'm stating, but comprehend the message, thank you.

    Also: I gotta stop lurking on Line cause y'all some freaks and Imma child of God
  2. Yo !!! I’m black and support this post
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  3. Fake, black people don't exist
  4. I'm changing my answer to this
  5. If I'm not black, can I still beat their ass for saying it? Since this post is addressed specifically to black people.
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  6. Aren't you 4'11? If I catch you winning any fights, I'm calling the cops, Hayleigh 😾 those elementary students dindu nuffin
  7. umm i think the correct term is basketball americans
  8. I am.

    I also fenced for 6 years. 😉
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  9. Beat me pls
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  10. *beats you*
  11. I have nothing negative to say about Asians cause Asian pussy hits different. It got grip in it.
  12. Negus
    "King," "Ruler" or "Emperor" in the Ethiopian language of Amharic. An antynym of the word with the hard er according to its historical American usage.

    Ion fucc wit most of you niggas cuz you been on some sad shit since day one... and the ones that have been showin out or black facing for the opposition the most are forever the ones on some strawman and ad hominem type shit. Real ones get to the root and we stay there. Ain’t worried about what a lame do... that’s for other lames to keep score of.
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  13. Yeaaaaahhhh, no. Fuck the root, lmao, they hate us too. Pretty much every race hates black people, but they copy tf outta us. Which, I don't understand. Why copy a people's culture that you hate? Or why do Africans hate African Americans when they're the ones who literally sold us, they're own people, to the white man, to be slaves. I don't under their logic and white men are running Africa😂

    In regards as why I don't fuck with most niggas on here, it's cause they're fake, let other races call them and use racial slurs not to mention I hate when people act tough behind a screen.

    But at the same time I'm an advocate for helping, so I do like to let people vent to me and give them advice. Especially now that I know even the smallest impacts can't help somebody grow into a beautiful minded individual
  14. ohh so this where the homies at 😂 dropped in to grace forums with my presence
  15. When I say the root... I’m not talking about the old ass fuccin website blog... 😂 nigga wtf? Internet niggas is somn else... And the Africans I know actually do fucc wit us ...well I guess some of us... (Shouts to my Ethiopians Somalians and Nigerians on here right now btw) So idk bout that extra shit. One thing I do know is that different circumstances people encounter growing up change their perspectives in life. Doesn’t matter what race you are until you’ve seen through another man’s eyes you might not know the reason he makes certain choices. In other words seek understanding and you just might gain some... If certain black people or Africans don’t fucc with you it might be because you’re behaving in a way that alienates them somehow idk. That’s between you and them.

    One thing I definitely personally do not fucc with though, is internalized racism. So I’m gonna dead that shit right now. I’ve never seen people from another race so quick to exclude a member of their own race, just because they think as an individual, as black people in front of other races. Joking or not, people that have used the term “uncle tom” or “sellout” against another black person in the center of view of people from other races (for example on most social media websites as they aren’t owner or created for us by us) are exactly what they are trying to convince everyone the other person is. That in itself is black facing and fake af. You can be invited to the cookout but there isn’t a checklist of requirements for being black... being black isn’t something you can sign up for or an institution you get accepted into you lame mfs. Fucc kinda shit y’all on omg nigga...

    Also, saying that you’re going to beat someone up over the internet is indeed acting tough and if they call you out on it and tell you yo punk ass ain’t going to do shit cause you look and sound weak af, they’re prolly right because you won’t even drop a pin in their area... literally or figuratively. Movin right along though... saying they are sleeping with a .40 under their pillow every night because that is how they are living is real and just how some people are brought up. If you didn’t experience that... nigga good for you... here are some claps 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾, but for those of us that are/were bout that life and venting... and maybe found a way to take ourselves out of that situation other than OG, pops, or uncle sam, I salute you for being of the strongest and thriving... for you others... if you don’t like what you see, feel free to look elsewhere. Everything isn’t for the internet or everyone you meet on the internet (that’s some shit I shouldn’t even have to say, but here we are) but you got certain individuals showin out tryna flag and sign for they internet posts, using slang from 10 years ago like its new, and doing c-walk tutorials and doing it (completely wrong at that)🤦🏾‍♂️ for the other side... tryna convince the devils they are real or whatever because they couldn’t convince us... but that’s a different topic for a different day.

    Also, I don’t know that the white men are running every country in Africa... And won’t speak on that until I have lived there... not just visited. One thing I DO know is that in Africa for some time we were kings. In America, we have NEVER been treated as kings by a majority of society and our development is perceived as stunted and often mocked. We are treated as fuccin entertainment and that’s sad af. But until we stop treating our own culture like it’s entertainment, we give way to others behaving the same way (again some shit I shouldn’t have to even say but here we are).

    Whether it’s media, debt, self hatred, fear, or the inability to collectively establish a movement that supports itself using all the resources our leaders and conscious folk have gathered as an excuse, we are not supporting and promoting our own advancement enough outside of entertainment. We constantly hear about “bompton” (Definitely is Compton btw for those that have never been unless you are 5 fr lol) and “chiraq” but those aren’t even in the top ten list of most dangerous cities... (LA and Chicago are majority white btw) and how do we promote them? We’re not saying come visit our affluent black owned part of town for us by us now are we? And that’s a mufuggin shame because there are real people going through real shit everyday that live in those areas that sometimes have to get along just to get along in order have a chance to give their peoples a better life... We should be inviting our peoples and peoples’ peoples to each other’s cookouts... if we feel so strongly. ...Attracting big businesses and investors to help build our communities up to be better than those communities surrounding and ridiculing us... We should be “educating ourselves”... Let me pause on that one for a second cuz I know you aint catch that... I mean like HBCU educating ourselves but in our early school years too and in our own households my guy... (Nipsey said it but there were many before him that said it too... all gone too soon and most of us sitting here like huh? AND please tell me why on PIMD peoples especially in forums seem quick to loudly segregate and slow to congregate... and that just aint it. The worst part to me is that the main people that complain about the way things are in America for us, have never spent a substantial amount of time anywhere else in the world to see that in some places it’s not that bad and in some places it’s worse.

    How df you gon try to force your perspectives on other people when you yourself are living life from a closet view? I’ve noticed a lot of people act like their causes are noble but in reality they are all talk and put to the test they just want people to think better of them rather than actually help others. Help is help no matter what the motivation is, but still, I prefer when it’s coming from a genuine place. I’ve seen people offer generic ass advice (when no one asked) on relationships that simply does not work in all situations and people giving advice on relationships that have yet to have a successful one. I’ve seen some people trust the opinions and judgements of people that were continually provoking toxic situations and spreading those lies to others to further isolate the real victims. Until, I see an apology for those past mistakes... Hard pass my guy.

    What I want to know is when we are going to stop telling other people about the wrong they do to us... and start talking about the wrong we do to ourselves that is actually empowering others to do wrong to us.

    Rant over... get your strawman on
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  16. 😮 Imagine using an oppressive word on everyone else all day long until it’s used on you and you’re like woah you can’t say that.

    Scrap the word it holds no meaning other than memories of hard disgusting times.

    Also like side question, African American rappers are idolised by a youth of many colours and backgrounds. These rappers use the Hard R and the regular A because it’s cool and it’s a sign of self expression and culture. These kids only see it as that, cool and hey I can exspress myself f the world. Hard R hard R my Hard R
    Where’s the right in telling them they can’t when public influencers do it on the daily, there’s no justification for why only one race has right to using one word when the very ones saying it influences the youth to?
    It’s like a double standard.

    Yea two wrongs don’t make a right.
    One wrong telling the other what’s right isn’t right either with today’s day and age influences
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  17. If I go up to one of my relatives and I say "wassup, nigga" it's not me using an "oppressive word." You wouldn't understand it, BUT I see where you're coming from.

    Most of these African American rappers... no, most rappers in the generation are bitches. They do live or do anything they rap about. You can't use followers as an example😂