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  1. I think we can all agree that there have been an increase of scammers lately, a lot of them being alts that people make for the sole purpose of scamming. And while I do think that getting scammed is somewhat part of the PIMD experience, in that people should experience to learn, I also think that mods and ATA should be able to do something about scam accounts.

    I see a lot of players who got scammed by the same person band together and make group chats to talk about how they got scammed and what not. “Add me if ****** scammed you!” As well as that topic of, “I talked to a mod; they did nothing!” I’ve never been scammed myself, to think that some people would willingly hand over their items for the chance, not promised, of a bento is absurd. Yet I can’t blame them, some people are just that gullible. That’s why mods should be able to do something about it.

    @HaBaek has posted a
    thread on this, and I’d like to shine a light on the point he makes about the terms of use. Under the section of you may not do any of the following to Party in my Dorm, number 7 of the list states: creation of accounts with intent of disrupting the gameplay experience of others, abusing and/or manipulating game elements.
    That’s scamming in one sentence.

    Mods should silence scammers instead of standing idly by whilst players are manipulated and scammed just because they don’t know any better. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but I don’t need you to agree, I just need to put my honest opinion out there.

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  2. How about we delete or ban all scammers
  3. You should have posted this in the replies section of HaBaek's recent thread btw!
    That will not make the problem go away at all. 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Said it in the oyher thread i will say it here to. Cant 100% protect from scamers irl so cant expect it to happen on the internet in a game
  5. Well, if it’s against tou then theoretically it should be easier to eradicate scammers on a game. You can’t exactly compare the real world and a game.
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  6. Scammers just keep making new accs. Ata has done what they can to protect people. They added a trade feature. Its up to players to use their head and actul use the trade feature. If scammers get ec items from noobs then ata will do something more about it. But apart from that ata isnt here to baby sit everyone
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  7. I don’t think that part of the ToU is directed or applied to scamming at all personally.
  8. Scamming is not explicitly against ToU. You interpreted one line as possibly including scamming, but that doesn't mean it actually is against ToU.
  9. So...if we make scamming people against the law there will be no more scammers in rl either right?
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  10. I think they mean that we could then enforce against scammers vs enforce something that's not against the rules, or law in the rl example.
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  11. I’m not saying that there needs to be a change to the tou or anything, I’m just saying that mods should be able to silence users for scamming. Scammers are everywhere and mods can’t do anything about it, so it just promotes more people to create scam accounts thinking it has no consequences. My opinion is that there SHOULD be consequences. And I’m not saying anything about rl because obviously you can’t connect a mobile game to the real world, so don’t make analogies about real life cause it just doesn’t apply.
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  12. I agree with what you’ve stated. I’ve made forums about the things you’ve stated, saying a lot of the same things. I got the same responses from everyone else. I don’t think it’s right how things are but everyone basically says it is what it is and nothing can be done. I’m not happy with that response. There’s always more that can be done but being repeatedly told there isn’t, is getting me tired of trying to advocate when nobody else really seems to care anyway. It just frustrates me that everyone is very much aware of this and just kinda accepts it for what it is ?_?
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  13. I feel the same way. People completely disregard problems that should be fixed, and this game is riddled with problems that should be fixed. I, for one, hate that I can’t play this game without constantly being asked for socials and nudes. It’s gross. But I have to deal with it because it’s one of the problems that nobody seems to care about. Which sucks because I really like the majority of the PIMD community and the basic gameplay, but I can’t enjoy it with all of these problems that are just blatantly pushed aside.
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  14. What will silencing do? They can still advertise in 3rd party trade gc’s.

    It’s better & easier to teach newer members how to identify a scammer.
  15. Yeah I understand. I’m not a huge fan of the chat layouts myself, with all the spamming and what not, how can it be a true chat channel? PIMD has a lot of potential, and progress to be made. Best we can do is post forums as avid players who intend on being here in the long-run, in order to hopefully reach ATA and get them to actually address and acknowledge issues that we expose.
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  16. Not being an idiot helps
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  17. That’s not the point though. Of course there are always going to be people who continue to scam or continue to make new accounts, but the point is that scammers should face consequences instead of letting them slide by. It’s like any other case where a mod would silence a player. There’s always going to be more, but the least you could do is silence them.
  18. It's hard to combat scammers. They typically use alts. Take the guy on my wall for example, 7 day old account and confirm "trusted raffle 6 days ago" regardless of if mods are silencing them what it stopping them for making an account and doing the same shit on a new account?

    We just have to educated newer players better. It's hard when they don't know what to look for
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  19. I've yet to see a decent idea that would actually have a noticeable impact on the scamming phenomenon. Scammers find loopholes. They'll adapt. Many suggestions to combat scamming appear to me to do more harm to those that are fair in their trades, than to actually put a significant dent into dishonest trades. I'll be open to action against scammers when I see a decent idea, but I've yet to see it or come up with it, so for now I come up with things we can do with the current ToU (such as informing players of red flags).
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  20. I get that there’s literally no way to prevent scammers and yes new players should be educated on scammers better, but why does any of that give any reason for there not to be consequences? I’m not saying silencing is going to fix all our problems, I’m saying that there should be consequences in place. Mods seem to silence for everything else, so why are scammers out of the loop?