LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Tie'd Down in September!

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  1. Tbh true. I tried to explain to my mate what this game was and found i didnt know how to explain it coz idk wtf this even ment to be.
  2. The pricing is ridiculous and chances of getting a box, I’m no even gonna mention getting an avi because it’s simply impossible now.. I’m not happy about this. Love the avis but there have to be smarter ways to do it.
  3. all i see is more ways to make getting avatars harder and just having to spend money. literally 160 spins= 3 coins 💀 got me f’d up
  4. I wish the coins were tradeable or not in boxes at all idk what I'm supposed to do with 2 coins. I obviously won't win enough to make even the cheapest one.Thanks for putting all the avatars back in the box though.
  5. I miss them on the spinner 🥺
  6. RT ❤❤❤ they make thousands of money on bbb events now they're just getting greedy
  7. But like.
    The avatars are ugly.
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  8. Wonderful! An avi that costs so much with bullshit stats! ;)
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  9. One box drops ONLY ONE coin. Are you kidding me? .....
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  10. I spent a lot of time last month hoping to get the timer box female avi but didn’t get it so I’ve basically given up on monthly timer boxes🥰 who in the hell told you we would pay that much for an avi not even worth it?
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  11. Came here to see what's up with the new avatar coin thing? Thank you all for the comments guys, a bit educated now 😂
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  12. Y’all literally must be high on something, and this furniture dye set?? $6 for 5 dyes are you jacked? It’s about 100 dyes for the set WITHOUT the 499 and 999. Whatever y’all got.. I need some cause 🤡🤡🤡
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  13. Fun reminder that if the avatars and other items are too overpriced for you- you don’t have to buy them ;)
    I understand that the prices are kinda wack, I also think it’s pretty op for the most part, but there’s not much we can do about it at this time 👀
  14. So, to be clear, I spin and rather than getting something useful, I get a box. Then, I wait 5 hours to open the box and I get a coin. If I repeat this numerous times, I can get a low stat avatar. Wow, turns out there is something more annoying to get from the spinner than speakers!
  15. you literally put the avis in the box for illusion, it's impossible to get enough coins, let alone an avi from the spinner box. *raises middle finger*
    you sure know how to make people mad, shame on you.
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  16. lmao also just imagine the whole ata crew acting oh so holy, they're always so nice and helpful and put on this fake kind facade, but when it comes to complaints they write litanies that don't make a single sense. shove that fucking $$$ down your throat, dear devs & team
  17. you seem to not like this game...why do you play then?
  18. Where did you get that assumption from his post
  19. I mean...i dont stay on a game for 2yrs if i don't like it. But also i never said i hate this game
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  20. ATA right now: