LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Tie'd Down in September!

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Marceline, Sep 1, 2020.

  1. the prices for this avis.. aint it for me. also what happens if we have the avi coins after september passes? is this a permanent new system or just for this month?
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  2. There is pet-safe dye!!! Nothing wrong with dyeing your dogs as long as you use pet-friendly products! Arctic Fox, for example, is safe. :)
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  3. Trash af. This app start to disgust me with all the greediness you doing. Pay to win yall for something isn't even good. And good luck with winning anything from boxes with 0.000001% rate of winning shet 😐
  4. Yeah I agree ATA you went way out of hand on this one
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  5. Mmmm i still don't like it. The set pupper is different to the item pupper as well. Not the same color. Its like they had 2 different people draw them and they didnt talk about nothing just said the breed
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  6. All internet games in existanse are pay to win. Avis don't make you win tho they just for looks for most people. The stats are only important if you pvp really. This is paying for a extra
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  7. At least it's "games" but what is this? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  8. Wish they would stop making useless changes no one's asking for and start making changes that people have been demanding for months. Too bad that won't happen because Ata prioritizes money over the satisfaction of their players.
  9. 🀣🀣🀣 best comment..idk what they are doing with making these avis so damn expensive especially with shard box avis and everything coming out they are really over doing it.
  10. $40 for a 60% avi... I might as well pay the extra $20 to get the 90% avi from shard box tbh
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  11. My constructive criticism on Avatar Coins

    I feel there is such a missed oppurtunity here on making spinner avatars really sweet bundles. I don't really understand why the prices are so stingy on these. I think people would enjoy buying an avatar with cats and dns and maybe an exclusive spinner month misc item.

    Now for the Pros
    However, I appreciate the lowering of the price of the third tier avatar. It's been $50-$60 dollars or so. Now, it's about $44 I believe.

    Since the coins really do come in the boxes, I'm not totally mad about the change. I can't ever win EC. So I do think it does include the players more. I may not get the avatar I want in a month. But they are still in the boxes, the coins are in the boxes, and 13 for lowest tier feels achievable. I will never ever win 50 ec on the spinner. Offerwall deals aren't happening either

    I was mad about the change initially. But I think it could be a good thing so I'm down to give it a chance.
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  12. This is dumb.
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  13. I’m gonna be so disappointed if this is still the norm when the Halloween hunt comes
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  14. πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…
  15. How do we get the green and pink tokens used to purchase the furniture??
  16. Wrong thread, look under announcements "dye your furniture" or similar
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  17. No thanks, ATA. It's a BAD move to introduce even more expensive items such as avatar coins especially during tough times like this.

    Players already spend plenty on other things and the monthly shard avatars (yes those 55/55, 60/60, 70/70, 75/75. 85/85. 95/95)

    Just put the avatars back into spinner or at least timer boxes with a better drop rate please
  18. True.
    Amidst the on-going pandemic, you shouldn't have take this opportunity to take advantage to those paying players with your new tactics.
  19. Exactly!!! It’s pretty much impossible now 😭