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  1. This hunt should be more than 6 days
  2. Hunts last either 7 days, 14 days, or 21 days. This is ATA’s choice, not the community
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  3. There were 21 days hunts?! Woah must have been so cool
  4. I think ata will make another part of hallow-pimd
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  5. There is a Halloween part-2 I dont remember where I saw it but this hunt was marked as "Halloween part-1"
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  6. I only remember one 21 day hunt, there couldve been more im not sure though. It was kind wack though ngl.
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  7. This is a 3 part hunt, this is only part one
  8. I hope it never repeats again, just like in the real life I never want to see another tequila shot drop. 21 days is too damn long.
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  9. I've only experienced one... and it was not fun. It was a spring break theme and I don't think I liked ANY of the items or avas, so it dragged on. 😂
  10. Not really. Some people enjoy longer hunts that way they have more time to get items from the event so that they can have their stats go up, sell furniture from that hunt, and so on. Personally I hate these short ass time periods for hunts.
  11. There are three parts to it so it is longer than 6 days.
  12. Yehh I remeber it I think I even sent ata a ticket saying cut it short it to boring now my head says I did
  13. 21 days sounds excessive and like it would get boring real fast. I understand wanting a longer period to collect items but it depends on the hunt for me lol of course when I dislike it, I want it to end as soon as possible because even 14 days are a drag. But when I enjoy it goes by fast.
    This one is 3 parts though, so we're all good.
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