Thinking of You

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  1. This is probably my favorite story on here. I read this a while ago on my old account, and now I decided to find it again to bump it so that others can read it. :3
  2. Haha, my old account is actually right above me .-.
  3. An ancient artifact…
  4. Throwback oh my ️
  5. This should be made into a movie
  6. Amazing 
  7. I read this back in 2015 on a super old account and only recently decided to get back into this game. For the past 2 years or so, I’d remember snippets of this story (like how they met, playing basketball at the house, etc) and wished I could read it again. Finally, here I am! If there was ever a sequel created, I’d love to read it ((:)
  8. @Trendsetting is the type to send a text at 3am to a girl "thinking of you" only to be left on read and not invited to the family cookout for trying to slide in his sister. Your own uncle takes food off your plate.. man up
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  9. @Faaanta the type of dude to finger himself cause even the most desperate niggas don't want him. Droopy faced ass
  10. I remember reading this years ago on my old pimd account, and I loved it! I didn’t expect this story to show up to me again. I’m so glad people are reading it to this day💕