Thinking of You

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  1. Prologue:

    *13 years earlier.*

    I woke up to my alarm clock. It's piercing noise made my ears ring. My eyes were sewn shut by my sleepy-seeds. I rubbed them lazily to clear my vision.


    My older sister stormed in the room and yanked the cord to my alarm clock out of the outlet. "Don't you ever shut that thing off?!"

    I glared at her. "Don't you ever leave the house?" She shot daggers at me through her venomous eyes.

    "Shut up, Chloe. I go out more than you do. All you do is sit at home and do homework. That's all you think about. 24/7, is school! GET A LIFE!" She turned to storm out of my room.

    My life is school. She's right. But the truth hurts. I'm a social outcast. All of my friends ditched me, or I ditched them. They got too close and I got scared. There are just some things people just can't know about me.

    I quickly took a shower. Showers are a great time to think and reflect on your life. I take one everyday, sometimes two. 

    When I got out of the shower, I heard my sister's car speeding away. She won't be back for a while. That's the way it works.

    Today is the first day of school. I'm not excited at all. School is just a lame excuse for a wasted day. 8 hours of hell. They have me taking college classes already. I guess it's because my school is so small, they don't know what to do with advanced students, like myself.

    I pulled on some random clothes an walked out the door. There's no need to check in the mirror to make sure I look good. Who cares? I don't wear any make-up and my hair is tied up back in a ponytail.

    I hate having hair in my face. That's the thing that bothers me most.

    School goes by pretty quickly, well, high school at least. I have to walk to the local college to take my classes there. It's extra, but worth it.

    I walk into my first class and hesitantly go to the professor's desk. "Ah, yes. Ms. Jennings! Such a pleasure to have you on class with us. You're a real treat. I've heard a lot about you." My cheeks flushed a deep shade of red. Everyone in the class laughed.

    "Your seat is right over there, next to Mr. Bennett." I nodded and said, "Thank you, sir."

    I kept my head down and walked over to my new seat. I could feel eyes burning a hole into the side of my head, waiting for my eyes to come up for air.

    I sheepishly looked up and I met the gaze of a pair of the most gorgeous brown eyes I have ever seen. He smiled at me, I turned into butter. Quickly, I broke our eye contact and looked back down at the table. "Don't worry about the professor. He likes to embarrass everyone on their first day. He stuck his hand out. "My name Zachary, or Zach. Whichever you prefer. I'm your partner for the year."

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  3. Part 2

    He nudged my shoulder. "Aren't you going to introduce yourself?"

    Oh my. How could I be so stupid? "Uh yeah sorry. My name is Chloe." I tried my best to smile at him, but it probably turned into more of a retarded monkey grin. I'm not good around people.

    "So, Chloe, how old are you? What brings you to this class?" He seemed interested so I tried my best to choke out the few words I could remember.

    "I, Uh, I'm 17." His eyes widened as if he were impressed. "I'm actually here because my school sent me. I'm still in high school."

    "Ah, a high schooler." He smirked. "You must be pretty smart then. Thank goodness. This is the advanced class. For smart people only." He winked and then continued, "I have no idea why I'm here. So it's a good thing you're my partner." He laughed which made me blush.

    "What do we even do in this class?" I accidentally said it out loud, but I actually don't have a clue what we do. I was just told to come.

    "The better question is what we DON'T do in this class." He seemed very satisfied with his answer by the smirk on his face. That quickly changed to a very serious look. He looked me in the eyes as my gaze met his. "So tell me about yourself."

    No one ha ever asked me that before. "Well uh, what do you want to know?" I wasn't flirting, I actually didn't know what to say.

    He seemed to think about it for a minute. "Hmm.. Everything." He broke out an irresistible grin, showing his pearly white teeth. He had a perfect smile.

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  6. Part 3

    His smile was infectious. I felt a smile slowly creep on my face. "That might take a while.. There's a lot to tell."

    "I'm your partner for a whole year. Almost every assignment is assigned for both of us to work on, together. You'll have plenty of time to tell me all about it." He smirked. "You'll be begging me to leave."

    That sounds great, I thought to myself. My thoughts were interrupted by the professor starting class.

    "Settle down, guys. Today, this year, we have a very special student joining us. Her name is Chloe Jennings. She goes to the high school across town. This year is her Senior year, I hope all of you are very welcoming to her."

    Everyone's eyes were on me as I tried to make myself invisible. I don't like being the center of attention. I'd rather not be noticed at all. I shrunk down in my seat.

    Something warm rested on my knee. I looked down and saw Zach's hand. I met his gaze and he gave me a reassuring look.

    I looked back down at his hand and saw him blush as he pulled it away.

    He cleared his throat. "Eh-hem, sorry." I saw his cheeks turn a bright shade of red.

    I nodded and whispered, "Thank you." His eyes sparkled as he turned to listen to the professor giving his lesson.

    After class, Zach invited me to go get coffee at the cafe down the street with him and some other people from our class.

    "Sorry, I can't. I have to get home and start my homework." I turned to leave but Zach's hand caught mine and turned me back towards him.

    "You can let go of my hand now." I laughed. His cheeks turned red as he quickly released my hand.

    "So, I'll see you tomorrow?" He gave me a hopeful look.

    "Yes, you will."

    He smiled. "Great. See you soon then."

    "See you soon then." I replied.

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  9. Part 4

    I began walking home. It wasn't that far. A mile or two, maybe. The crisp, fall air burned my throat. It was dark outside, the only lights came from the street lights.

    My phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out and looked down at the screen.  I'm gonna be home late tonight. Maybe around 3-4. So don't wait up.

    I rolled my eyes and put my phone away. What else is new, I thought to myself. Jane never comes home at night. When she does, it's always extremely late and she's always wasted. I've gotten used to it.

    I unlocked my front door and shoved it open. I walked through the house, flicking on random lights as I went. The house was always very dark when I got home because I was normally the last to be in the house. I don't like wasting electricity, so I always turn the light off.

    I took out my backpack and started working on my homework. When I finished I would read and go to bed.

    I figured I had at least 2 more hours of work ahead of me. The homework is extremely easy, so I had nothing to worry about.

    I decided to take a break and see if I could find any food. I peeked in the fridge and found an expired yogurt.

    "God damn it, Jane!" She never does anything anymore. We almost never have food, unless I go shopping to get it.

    I finished my homework within the next hour, it was very easy. I turned the lights off in the house and walked upstairs.

    After my 'nightly rituals' I left a note on Jane's door letting her know that we didn't have any food. I bent down down and plugged my alarm clock back in, remembering my hungover sister coming in and ripping it out.

    I reset it and crawled into bed. I shut my eyes and smiled, thinking about my day. "See you soon then." I muttered before I drifted off to sleep.

    I know this part was boring. Sorry! Next one will be better.
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  12. Part 5: Zach's Point of View.

    I walked to the cafe, lost in my thoughts. She was so beautiful. Not a glimpse of make-up, all natural. Her eyes were a shade of dark blue, with green near the pupil. I only got a glimpse of them, but they were like nothing I had ever seen. She had gorgeous brown hair that flowed right over her shoulders, and a very petite frame. She, was gorgeous.

    "HELLO ZACHARY JAMES BENNETT! You home, buddy?" I was on my way to the cafe on the corner with a couple of friends of mine. Eli, Liza, and my best friend Josh. Or as we call him Sir Joshua. That whole story is for another time.

    "Huh? Oh. Yeah. Totally." They rolled their eyes, but I kept walking. "I was just thinking about what I wanted to order."

    "Ohh sure you were! A nice slice of highschooler pie." Josh is a clown, he is entertaining though. He's been dating the same girl for 5 years now, so I'll give props for that. But, he is the partying type. At a high school party, when we were Seniors, he got so drunk he asked his girlfriend, Ali, is she was single.

    "Josh, shut up. You don't know what you're talking about." I tried to convince myself otherwise also. My thoughts are just hormones. But something deep inside was telling me differently. It was like a magnetic pull towards her.

    "You know, Zachy-poo, (as your Granny would say) I may be under the influence currently, if you know what I mean *wink wink* but I'm pretty sure I can still see. I saw flirting up a storm with that chick. Working your magic." Josh and I were already halfway to the cafe, Eli and Liza were a couple hundred yards away from us.

    "Nah, I'm just being friendly. It must be hard to come to a new place like that. Where everyone is older than you. I mean, I'm only a year older but still I ca-" I got interrupted by Josh stopping abruptly.

    "Stop making excuses. Get your tail out from between your legs. You're just trying to think of a reason not to go for her. You're obviously into her. I know you got hurt, but it's been 2 years buddy. Time to build a bridge and get your pretty little self over it."

    He's right. I shuddered thinking back to that night.

    It was the night of my Junior prom. I was scared out of my mind. Tonight would be the night I would tell her. We had been dating for a year now, tonight is our anniversary. Her name is Hayley, Hayley Brown. She was average looking, not the most gorgeous person in the world. But she gorgeous to me. I was absolutely head over heels for her. Tonight, I was going to tell her. I went upstairs in search of Josh, to run my plan by him. I've known Josh my whole life, o rum everything by him. I knocked on a door and opened it. My eyes widened and my fruit punch shattered against the floor. Hayley was in her underwear, making out with one of my good friends, Brian. My heart had been ripped out and stomped on.
    *End of Flashback*

    "I know, man. I don't think about her anymore, you know? I mean, I used to, but then I realized something. I was never really in love with her. We were awkward and things didn't flow. No chemistry whatsoever.

    "Spoken like a true virgin. Nicely done, man. You're officially soft. Nah, bro. I'm only kidding. Well, kind of. Do you want to hear my opinion?"

    "Enlighten me." Most of his best ideas come from when he is high, why not another one? "By the way, yes I am a virgin." He smiled knowingly. "I'm waiting for the right one. On my wedding night. You're a lucky man. Ali was the only girl you've ever dated and she is the girl you're going to marry. If you don't screw it up. Okay, I'm done. Let's hear your advice. Oh, wise one."

    He smirked at me. "Alright. By the way, you're officially more of a girl than my girlfriend, Mr. 'Wait until marriage'. My advice, be her friend first. You just met the girl today. But don't let her slip through your fingers. She's special, I can see that. And from what I observed, you can feel that. In your heart."

    The wise one has spoken, I thought to myself. Tomorrow I get to see her again, those eyes. That hair, the way her cheeks turn bright red just at my touch.

    "Damn. I got a bad case of the Munchies." Doesn't he always?

    How was it? I hope you liked it!
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  14. Part 6: Zach's Point of View (Still)

    I woke up early in the morning. A voice had woken me up. I looked over and saw Josh on the phone. He was probably talking to Ali. They always talk at weird hours. I decided I would listen to their conversation, Josh is different around her. But in the same sense, he's still himself. I don't know.. It's weird.

    He was telling her about classes yesterday, and then he started talking about me. "You should've seen him babe. It was like me when you first moved into town. I knew the moment I saw you that I just had to have you. I think that's what he's going through. But I'm not sure, I think he's still kind of scared to try and love someone. I mean, he hasn't even kissed a girl since that stupid bitch Hayley. I don't know who in their right mind would cheat on Zach. He's about as good of a guy as you'll ever get. He's like perfect."

    I smiled. It's always a nice feeling when people think highly of you. Especially when that person is someone you've known your whole life.

    "I mean, if I were gay-" I made it obvious that I was awake. That was just getting weird. I nodded a 'Goodmorning' to Josh and told him to tell Ali that we miss her.

    As I was brushing my teeth I heard Josh saying goodbye to Ali. "I'm sorry, baby. But I have to get ready for classes now. I know it stinks, but hey, 3 more weeks and you're back in my arms." I could tell he was smiling. "I miss you baby, more than you could ever know.. alright. I love you too. Have a good day, bye babe." and he calls ME the soft one. I know it's hard for Josh to be without Ali. I can see it. He calls her everyday and he practically sleeps with his picture of her. I guess that's what love does to people.

    Love teaches people to accept other's flaws and to love them no matter what. Ali knows that Josh is a massive pothead, but she looks past that. She knows he loves to get drunk and party. But she's always there for him at the end of the day sitting beside him while he throws up, listening to his crazy high ideas or just cuddling with him. Either way, she's always there.

    That's what I want. I want to be there for someone, and I want them to be there for me. I don't want to be played with and have to worry about her cheating on me. I want someone who has the same opinion on relationships that I do.

    Once I commit to something, there's no going back. If it's right, it will feel right. There will be chemistry, even the silences will feel comfortable. I want to buy her flowers and surprise her at work. I want to take a road trip with her and fall asleep with her in my arms. I want to wake before her and cook her breakfast. I want to tell she's the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, and I'll know it will be true.

    As soon as that thought crossed my mind, I thought of Chloe. I smiled to myself. "See you soon then." I muttered.

    Soo.. What do you thinkk? 
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  16. Part 7: Chloe's Point of View

    I woke up dredging to go to school today. Either way, I have to go. I got out of bed and started getting ready. After I got out of the shower, I put on blue jeans, converse, and a plain white t-shirt. I braided my hair to the side and brush my teeth.

    I walked down the hallway to my sisters' room. The door was open so I looked in. She was sprawled out on the bed. Her hair looked like a rats' nest. She would have a major hangover when she woke up. I saw my note still on her door. She had scribbled something underneath it. I looked closer and saw she had written 'DO IT YOURSELF' across the bottom in a black sharpie.

    Of course. If you want anything done you have to do it yourself. I hate living with my sister. She's mean and irresponsible. But I'm still a minor so legally I have to be living with someone 18 . Once I turn 18, I'm getting out of here. That's going to take at least 9 more months. It's September and my birthday is June 12th.

    I walked out the door on my way to school. Once I got there, I put myself into what I call 'High School Mode'. Not caring about anything, not noticing anyone. One class to the next.

    School ended quickly, I looked at my watch. "Crap!" It was 3:45 and my college class starts at 4:00. I started picking up pace. Cars whizzed by me, but I kept my head down. When you look at the ground when you walk, it seems to go by faster. I walked through the door at 3:58. "Almost late, Ms. Jennings. Don't let it happen again." I mumbled that I was sorry and it wouldn't happen again.

    When I got to my seat I was greeted by Zach's smiling face. "I thought you were going to stand me up." He laughed, but I could tell he actually thought I wasn't going to come.

    I giggled. "Uh, no. Actually, I had to finish a history test. I took too long on the essay part." He nodded.

    "Well, please don't ever scare me like that again." He winked. I saw him glance back quickly and he had a visual exchange with someone in the back row. I guess he caught me looking. He cleared his throat, "My uh, my best friend Josh. Back row, blonde hair, blue eyes." He gestured towards a tall boy in the back. "Uh, he's well.. Yeah." His cheeks turned a subtle shade of red as he quickly looked away.

    "Oh, I see. Well, he seems to want your attention again." I laughed as his friend waved his arms around. Once he got Zach's attention I looked away.

    The professor started class 10 minutes later. "Today we're going to talk about plays. Specifically, Shakespeare. You and you're are going to be assigned a famous play and you have one of three options.

    Option #1: Act out the scene in the play that I assign you.

    Option #2: Make a movie of the play, in modern day style. You may include other people from this class.

    Option #3: Well this one is up in the air. You can be creative with it."

    Zach passed me a note. He had very neat handwriting. The note had three doors on it.

    Which door you pick is up to thee
    Either way you're stuck with me
    So what shall it be?
    Door number 1, 2 or door number 3?
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  18. I'm sorry, the poem is far too well set up to not say it:

    And the very first three happen to be, Do Re Mi, Do Re Mi... Doe is a deer, a female deer, Ray, a drop of golden sun... 
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  20. Part 8

    I grinned and looked over at Zach. He winked at me and returned my smile.

    "All right guys, that's all. See you tomorrow. I want to know what you're doing. On your way out come see me for your assignment."

    I glanced over at Zach but he was already getting up and going towards the guy in the back. Josh.

    I was kind of disappointed, but I shook it off. I gathered my stuff, and wrote down our assignment in my planner. I have to do that otherwise I'll forget what we were assigned. I put that away and started walking towards the professor's desk.

    "Ah yes, Ms. Jennings, your partner is Mr. Bennett. Isn't her coming over here?" He looked over my shoulder at Zach. Zach was still standing in the back talking with Josh.

    "I'll let him know, sir." He gave me a questioning look but I made sure to look confident.

    "Very well then. You and Mr. Bennett will be doing the classic, Romeo and Juliet. Have a good evening."

    I returned the farewell and went to leave. I glanced back to where Zach was and saw that they were still having an intense conversation. I walked out of the building when I heard someone laugh behind me.

    "and where do you think you're going?" I turned around and saw a man with gorgeous brown eyes, about 6 inches taller than me, and shaggy black hair. Zach.

    "I uh, I'm just going home."

    "No, you're not."

    I tilted my head slightly to the side, he did the same. Mirroring me. He chuckled. "You're going to the cafe with me tonight."

    "I can't. I have to go shopping."

    "Great! I'll come with you!"

    I tried to protest. He grinned. "You're not getting rid of me that easily, Chloe."

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