Things that should come back

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  1. High. You clicked this thread to see what idiocy I am bringing to the forums. ๐ŸŒš You have no one to blame but yourself.

    Warning: There are no bb codes presently.


    Things I think that should be brought back to PimD is...

    1. Silencing updates.
    Not very realistic but I think they should come back because it was always hilarious to see noobs being silenced. ๐ŸŒš Now I get why they were removed but they were great entertainment. To a point.

    2. Silenced players can't talk for 24 hours on first silence.
    I think they should bring this back for obvious reasons. Ya bunch of babies if you can't handle being silenced on PimD for 24 hours. Some people had lifetime silences and were fine with it. ๐ŸŒš Sad life.

    3. Inflatable Turtle
    This adorable item that cost like 5Bil to purchase from the store. Or at least different inflatable animals that are equally as cute. With better stats of course.

    4. Beta Wars
    I don't know if people are still into wars but I thought this was pretty good. I hope this gets some support. ๐ŸŒš

    5. The og forums
    Honestly, I donut like this forum update. ๐ŸŒš I can't imagine how many new threads were completely ignored and left to die because of this system. The previous forums had the active topics whereas we now have "New posts" thats like all the way down the forum where nubs can't find it. (But somehow finds the post thread button.)

    And now for audience participation:
    If you dont agree with any of these, what are some things you'd like to see back on pimd. ๐ŸŒš like avatars or hunts or items.

    Or players ๐ŸŒš

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  2. Beta wars were shรฏt. BOS war too, before anybody suggests it I'm shooting it down!

    I'd like to see easily attainable LCBC stats come back. It was fun when everybody could hit everybody and people had mega cash out because they were waiting for new tiers that seemingly never came.
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  3. The Ata hosted BoS were poop ๐ŸŒš maybe thats why they stopped doing anything with wars/pvp. cuz they had no idea what players really wanted
  4. I do miss og forums. I still dislike that you can only quote one post and if you quote a response of a response it doesn't show the full chain.
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  5. rip that before that, you had to bbcode the person yourself.
  6. I miss the old forums UI as well. This feels so clunky.
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  7. Ata's were poop, but the others were all poop too. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธMaybe it was just the girls side, Evan liked them. I thought they were all cheesy and boring.

    ๐Ÿ’โ€โ™€๏ธHey guys let's all change our line pics to barbie murdering Ken and laugh about how superior we are to the boys, while making dรฏck jokes and acting like a bunch of highschool boys ourselves. You know what'd be super edgy and cool? How about I change my ign to something with barbie or ken in it so I can beg for acceptance from the giant circle jerk that was BOS war.
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  8. I miss t7 bc
  9. Yeah the sheer amount of extra space I still don't like, but I think it is too hard for the devs to fix that.
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  10. AVI BAGS NEED TO COME BACK & avis on the spinner thatโ€™s all I want bye
  11. This was asked during an AMA with one of the devs back in October 2019 and they said the devs are open to something similar to beta wars but not exactly the same, as the beta wars were quite buggy and would thus need an update/overhaul.
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  12. Aw man, old old forums. I wasn't around then. I found you can bb code in the extra quotes here too but it's takes entirely too much effort
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  13. I wanna see pimd shut down for good
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  14. I miss old forums too but they were also buggy and obviously outdated, both old forums and new have their pros and cons. I personally find the new forums a little easier to use.
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  15. New forums tip the balance to being good.

    I brought up most of these arguments in similar words in my guide to new forums ๐ŸŒš
  16. I miss the OG forums the most
  17. Support for the OG forum๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿผ
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  18. Oh and peeps want old avatar bags to come back as well, especially the black Friday avatar bags๐Ÿ‘€
  19. Uninstall. Then its shut down for you
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  20. 24hr silense is the 1st silense. Foes 24hrs. 1 day. 1 week. 1 month