Things I want on pimd.

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  1. Ooooooooor, just let us choose between a male and female avi. With the current hunt avi box we either get female and male avis but i never use female avis. It's a bit of a waste to get the regular male avi but get a VIP female avi. Since they're giving away avi boxes on extra curricular, why not let us choose which one to get? 🤷🏻‍♂️
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  2. It would probably take up a lot of space in game, and I’m not sure where they would put it either. Also I can see the downside being people posting in campus and pub to check the trading post, or whatever it would be called, to see what they are selling. 😬
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  3. Nothing else matters but this !!! 100 ec or 5ec for a different hairstyle that adds straight to ur ava! And yeah we all know it’s not a dress up game 🙄 but let’s make it one 😴
  4. No you've got it all wrong. Hair costs 100ecs.without it, your avatars are all bald!
  5. I just want a spider pet. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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  6. This is exactly how I look after make up
  7. 1ec could add a stand ...
  8. Ye you’re not funny.. stick with typing “no support”
  9. Quick question.
    If we still do 💌 party and already change to new hunt
    Are we still get the new hunt drop or no?
  10. I wana dress my ava up !!! As a kefo
  11. And you are? Someone I made salty 3-4 years ago I guess. Since you want it, here's a no support for ye
  12. I wish there's a full unload option when hitting in parties 🙃 God knows how I would love that especially for a lazy bum like me. I really hate those sighs,ed,giggle,peacesign bar. Or maybew can customize our hitting pattern 🤔 it's really convenient.