Things I want on pimd.

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  1. That would be awesome tbh👀💕
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  2. If they will never make a tradable avatar, why do the Avatars have an Ec value right next to it then, like What was the point of that. It makes no sense at all.
  3. I think it’s just to give an idea of the avatar’s rarity or difficulty to obtain.
  4. Correct! I sent a help ticket asking this and this is exactly what they said.
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  5. Why would that preclude or hint at a trading feature for them?
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  6. I assume they’re relating to the fact that furniture has an EC value and is tradable? But I don’t think they’re the same at all.
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  7. tbh that doesnt even make any sense either. Like think about it why would it matter about rareness, when they could of simply made a Rare, Super Rare, or Ultra rare on it. like they do for the Hunt boxes. Ecs shouldnt even be next to it if there's no real purpose for it.
  8. There’s lots of avatars that you don’t obtain from boxes that show rarity. So it actually does show the difficulty to obtain fairly well.

    By your logic too though it’s flawed since not all items with an “EC Value” are tradable.
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  9. if you say so..
  10. Ec value of avatars is redundant information and I ignore it. Just look at their stats
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  11. can we pls get an option to either “open all” or “choose amount to open” for the speed up rewards box?? i collect them so fast and forget to open them and then i have like 50 to open at once and it takes f o r e v e r to open them individually, a mass open option would be hella helpful 🤍
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  12. You might be on to something. ATA take notes 📝
  13. It was in the survey, they asked if people would like a “wish list” feature for trading.

    My real wish is the game to not flash “Attacking...” with a dark screen every time you hit. I already have a brain condition. Flashes make it worse. So I can’t do cat flashes or really slap some parties. I miss the Harry Potter hunt...
  14. Agree 100% on the chat. It’s all just alts spamming now.
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  15. ❤️👌
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  16. I wanna see the results of that survey. Just a mere morsel of transparency please a.t.a?
  17. I wish there was a section or place in PIMD where you can just post/offer what you want to sell/trade, kinda like a trading booth. I just think it’s a little messy in pub and campus chat posting that you’re selling starred or looking to buy things. I know there is a thread in forums for it but honestly I don’t use it much. I feel people just post on that thread and walk away hoping people will contact them, not many people look back on that thread. 🙊Just and idea, sorry if you don’t agree.
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  18. Lowkey, same.

    Like, a marketplace where you post what you're selling and the price, then somebody can come and buy it. The items automatically transfer from your account to theirs and vice verse... But, I dunno where they'd put that or how much space it'd take up in the game.
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  19. A free Bento...never really saw one on my account ever 🥴
  20. Yeah. They have it in forums. Takes up little-to-no space